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It's just a ride ...

...why am i in this handbasket and where are we going?

Smoke Damage
6 June
permanently confused, faking it well.
Improvising constantly. Making plans is a way to make the Gods laugh.
Not bad for a human.

I am travelling the world, well the US at the moment, and finding it expensive (do you know how much beer costs here?) so if you are feeling kindly feel free to put some money in the tip jar, it will make me dance like a monkey :)

Deep in the heart of Darkness... err, Heart of Texas... more like the colon. Money goes here.

Apart from the Bill Hicks quote that i basically adore, this was the initial premise of this journal.

What follows is a hard boiled no-holds-barred reportage of the kind of shit that happens to me and around me all too often.

Fuelled by handfuls of drugs(because drugs are bad and illegal, kids!), cigarettes, alcohol and red bull, you have the opportunity to amuse yourselves, mock me, and maybe even learn something.

I guess the above still applies, but this has become a place where can i jot down ideas (sure i'll never find them again, but at least they are there somewhere). A place where i can say the first thing that comes into my head,... BLAH BLAH BLAH. Shut up.

Waiting for money for more drinking hilarity.