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well i stil haven't sorted out the budget from the Newcastle trip so i'm a few hundred dollars out of pocket which came to a fore today because i haven't got money for beer or food, which is annoying.

got my cookies/brownies etc from Nick the chef today, they smell very nice. Nigel warned me that they certainly did the job. looking forward to that let me tell you...

i have to go mingle with cro-magnon man at the cricket association tonight, oh joy.

I'm tired and really need some time off everything. But stupidly i've put more balls in the air and am proposing a weekly short film screening event at the Sando (a pub in Newtown) i want to start it and then get out of it as soon as possible. Someone else's problem.

Of course the interesting thing about that is that that is the one that has the most chance of being interesting and getting me EXCITEMENT! ADVENTURE!, as opposed to the cricket neanderthals which is only going to annoy me, and make me want to kick off the tops of their heads and do horrible things to their exposed brains (or the empty skull that should have contained a brain).

Anyway, now my ex-has just walked in asking for favours and i have to decide whether to be cruel or not.


Tags: cricket, filmmaking, tired
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