Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

i need a holiday

it’s been a weird morning, missing staff, lateness, technical problems etc etc. added to that more girls are flirting with me. I’m struggling to cope with the whole thing. I think I need to get an early night and sleep a lot with as little drugs (nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and the like) in my system. Thank God, I’m not running a con this Easter.

Yesterday was a good day. I went for a short lunch and ended up being out for the full hour talking to another lovely but odd girl, Anjuli. She came in during o-week with a gang of her friends,a nd was the one who did most of the talking. Indian I think, but I can’t be sure. She’s named after a princess from the novel “the Far Pavilion” or something like that, a soldier falls in love with a Princess against the tumultuous backdrop of failing British Imperialism in India – I suppose.

She’s intelligent and well spoken, but at the same time not from a particularly affluent family, though it sounds like her parents did everything they could during her schooling to make it easy for her at her reasonably exclusive school. She’s got an iBook she doesn’t use and I’m interested in buying that from her. We shall see. She’s always chatty and funny, and sitting down with her yesterday and talking properly to her, made me realise what a nice girl she is. Anyway.

The pub after work had the usual crew. The $5 steaks now have the option of mash or chips and real gravies peppercorn or mushroom. Good stuff!

It was good sitting down with the usual gang and being able to relax. I needed that, after the last couple of weeks. I wanted to talk to Cam about stuff for the upcoming 30th birthday celebrations, but naturally his shadow hung around. The beers queued up and got drunk in turn, and so did we. I figured that it takes Cam 10 beers to reach the point where he can’t help but bait Ross. It’s a bad habit of his and pointless.

He’s got his own fair share of dramas, work dissatisfaction and the like. He wants things to change for him, and is thinking about permanently leaving Sydney. Which would be a huge shame…

Stupidly I miss my girl. She’s busy for the next couple of days with the Buddhists but back on the weekend sometime.

The girl from this morning, Alexandra, really got to me. She grumbles to herself, talking herself through thoughts and problems, as well as being witty, cutting, self deprecating, and had an air of elegance and haughtiness about her. Rare qualities. and reservedly pretty too. Get me out of here.
Tags: food, friends, girls, work
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