Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

Back at work. Four of the five golden Medakas are gone. Yabbies huge and eating well.

Spent afternoon in pub with Shrek and Kiska getting smashed for his birthday.

Went back to work and teased Kiska for a while. Massages, sneaky kisses, ear nibbling. Talked her into a kiss on city road. Told her she has never kissed me back. It’s true. Its true. She says that she wouldn’t want to make it easy for me.

TimS’s birthday drinks. Met Louise, tall slim pretty. Luana, short chubby blonde and kinda spunky. Silk, my first customer and potential cricketer. I like Louise – she’s kinda distant and a psychologist. DANGER WILL ROBINSON.

Saw Liz, looking fab with her funky jeans with goldfish painted on. Very talented girl.
Talked shite as usual. Had a good time.
More fish at home. Girl Inc is sick, so hasn’t called. That’s her excuse. Sad but kinda true (oh really? Certain reports suggest that this is week two or three with SG1. Kill them all 20020730)
Will invite her and Kiska and pike to caves party with Nat and Trent.
Tags: drinking, girls
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