Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

Winter Olympic Gold for Australia

am becoming disillusioned at work, with the job mainly. Perhaps a lot of it is to do with Amanda and the fact that she is being such a fucking pain in the neck. Not long for my spot it seems, a bit of pressure all-round, just little things, perhaps only a figment of my imagination.
Alisa Camplan is one of the most refreshing people in the media spotlight today – she comes across as such a simple girl and an absolute Westie. Beautiful, open, a little stupid & not too self conscious, she’s a perfect Australian ambassador, embodying the image that has been carefully crafted over the last few years.
Steven Bradbury, on the other hand, still looks like he can’t actually believe what has happened to him. Puzzled but happy is the expression on his face – oh and a good dollop of “no fucking waaaay!” mixed in too.
Tags: bitching, sport
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