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Apr. 22nd, 2018

day one

as usual, didn't want to go, anxiety or somethung....

got to airport way too early, which is way better than being late - done that before, removed a limb to book on next flght. Got to Prosperine or wherever i was, and got a shuttle bus to Airlie Beach. Checked in, did the things to get organised for the next day. Travel lady texted me to make sure i was ok, which was nice.

Went walkies for recon, so i know where the bottle shops, pubs, food options, and everything else is. Saw some garfish in the shallow canal, which was cool and i identified them for other passers-by.

Beach / resort town, obviously, and they've done a lot of things well, pushing the recycling angle, there's even buses, which surprised me somewhat.

Sunday night is apparently big party night, so i hit the in house bars, too early it seemed, as there wasn't a lot of people about for happy hour. Watched the other guests pass by and felt old... did not feel super social, had a few drinks at the more civilised bar, and thought about going to the party one. Couldn't bring myself to go, so found a hammock and started working on a couple of things.

Was eventually interrupted by a drunk hot girl who decided that a hammock was what she also needed at that stage of the night (2000h-ish). Had a chat to her and felt a little better about things but still not up for the big party bar. Went for another walk after she staggered off.

Met an Estonian dude, who has been here over a year, listened to his hilarious experience of Australia (he has met some good people along his journey and had a very good time). Returned to hostel, and back to hammock.

Sprinkles of rain everytime i get comfortable, out here. Music is loud, and it sounds like they are all having a good time, but i really cannot be bothered. At least i'm feeling a bit better for interacting with humans. Is hard being shy.

I have little fat lamb ginger beer.



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