Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage


Toiled in the field in 31 degree heat, on top early 4/26 after 17 overs. 6/70 after 35. Stubborn batting saw them make it to 147.

Took one at slip at an awkward throat height, because Gazi still bowls too short. Had it pop up and out from the hands and as i looked up at it lost it in the sun, i knew it was somewhere in front of me, so i kept falling waiting for it to come out of the sun. Held it once i could see it again.

We had to bat about 20 mins and lost both openers for not much. Went in as nightwatch, so much chatter out there. Will see how much chatter there is in 39 degree heat if Suj and i can keep them out there for 20 overs.

Wish me luck.
Tags: cricket
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