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Australian Election

Some short notes:

Murdoch papers (i think more than 70% of papers in the country) have made it perfectly clear that the ALP needs to go. All pretence of impartiality is gone.

Labor are in quite a mess, some embarrassing flip-flopping, and some uncomfortable decisions that have been poorly made have made the traditional ALP supporter unsure of the party they have supported.

That said, the Liberal/National coalition has steadfastly refused to release their costings on their proposed budget with less than four days to the polls. Their shadow treasurer went into a live debate with the newly appointed Treasurer unable to speak with any real authority and name any figures. Normally, I'd say that Joe Hockey would eat Chris Bowen for breakfast, but Bowen as smooth as he is, and Hockey with his hands tied behind his back, Bowen came out clearly ahead.

Prime Minister Rudd appeared on Q&A answering questions from the audience and patiently listened, and then gently deflected and answered what he felt like answering (as politicians do / have to) but what came of it was an endless stream of questions about "what's in it for me" which I find pretty embarrassing from the public. From the single mother moved to a job seeker allowance, less than her previous support (I think she suggested $260 / week), to the man complaining that the proposed ALP scheme meant that if his wife took time off from work to have a child she would not get anything near what the Coalition have promised (half her pay). For him to be suggesting that she should get $75,000 a year to have a baby is simply ridiculous. Once again, I end up the asshole for suggesting that if you cannot afford a child perhaps you should not have one.

Of course, the continued rise of the minority parties, and the power of the independents in parliament continues to be a source of interest, from the Greens (i.e. the old Labor Left & and a bunch of hippies) whose environmentally and socially popular policies, completely fail to address the unavoidable economic issues, to the newly formed Bob Katter party who are turning from their coalition roots to assist the ALP in the country, in return for promises of development in some largely deserted and desperately under funded areas in the north.

Of course the shining light of it all, is Clive Palmer's "Palmer United Party". Clive Palmer is a man who has made billions from mining, and has never seen the end of a movie (I suspect). His current plans include building "Titanic II" and dinosaurs at one of his Gold Coast amusement parks. We all know (except for him it seems) how these things end.

Today he claimed that he has uncovered a spy! Nothing gets past him.


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