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wanted to sit down and write for a while. haven't. lost the mojo. recording facts for now.

Saw a comedy show at the Opera house. Was hanging out with the helpdesk crew at a pub one night and were approached by a strange tall bearded man, who had identified us as his target audience (geek tees, grizzly adams beards, and loud talk of cartoons, net memes and bitching about tech failures gave us away). Sanderson Jones, as he introduced himself, is a comedian and he hand sells every ticket to his shows. He also facebook stalks his audience for material. Some might say this is creepy. I think people are getting what they deserve. Went to his show, laughed, enjoyed the night out.

Went to see Margaret Urlich & Wendy Matthews at the Juniors. It's been nearly twenty years since i had seen either of them, and they both sounded great backing each other on their hits. Neither missed a beat, and Margaret still waves and prances with the grace and flexibility that only comes from ex-gymnasts.

There's been cricket (of course). Apaches have had a rough start to the season, with a screwed up opening round, ending in a narrow loss, a tie, and a forfeit win (possibly - i am yet to hear why the opposition did not show), and two narrow losses and a drubbing in round two. The Reg Bartley XI who i play with on Sundays are two wins from two going into todays match, which i withdrew from with the hope of getting involved with attempt #2 of the local neighbourhood celebrating 100 years of being a place for poor people to live. Attempt #1 was blown away by vicious storms earlier in the year. I did not hear back from the organisers about getting involved which is a little disappointing.

The Spider has been escorted outside. He disappeared completely for a day at one point so i had assumed he had left, but he reappeared in exactly the same spot the next day. The following day he had trekked all the way through the house to the tv room, and was watching the morning news when i last saw him.

During the relocation attempt, i am told he got aggressive, advanced on his to-be captor and even threatened a couple of times, before a cover was slapped over him, cardboard slid under his creepy legs and he was set on a appropriately coloured tree outside.

I am sure there was more important stuff i had to say, but i remember none of it now.

Cigarettes! Supplies are becoming more sketchy and this is not helping my mood at all.
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