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The Apaches continue to be a baffling team. With a full side we can't win a fucking game - recent failures include, failing to defend 160, failing to catch 91, and getting slogged to all ends of the ground on a small pitch for 270. One man short, however, we have won a nail biter in the last over taking two wickets with less than six runs to defend, and today chased down 175 with five overs to spare, with the last wicket requiring fifty odd to win the game.

My previous best batting efforts have been a couple of forty-odds chasing a total and getting there, but today after Mo unfortunately played on, leaving us still needing 50 plus, i was left as the last wicket standing.

I knew the count. I knew the runs we needed (46 when Mo was out), i knew how many overs we had left (10). I had not counted on the fast outfield (yes, we had a whole week without rain) that the opposition had failed to capitalise on, i had assumed it was not as fast as it looked.

I put up with one of their bowlers trying to screw with me, taking as much time as he could and wasting time with field changes. I took a short one that's given me a nice bruise on the top of my leg, and giggling from the bowler after it, which i had a go at him for. I also had to deal with constant chatter from square leg (one of our players) reminding me to "take your time", "don't lose your concentration" and a number of other cliches, and this was after i told him to stop telling me the score (because i can keep count in my head).

With ten boundaries and ten singles, and more importantly a bat that isn't dead - because sadly mine is - i batted us through to the the total in the process scoring my first competition half-century.

So a good day.
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