Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

Tuesday – So I have my interview today and I have a small written test beforehand, I finish the test early as I either know something or I don’t. Tris collects the test and I head back downstairs to do some work. I get called up and go through my interview with Tris, Madeline and Amanda, and I’m my usual typically honest self.

Turns out that somehow I outscore everyone else on the test 61.5/100 (even though Tris miscounts it as 60.5), and I get called over to Tris who has an appointment form which he is filling out. I figure I’m getting an extension, but he explains that I’m hired…

I bought a hat. Given the torrential rain that I got caught in on Monday night, a big broad brimmed hat seems like a good investment.
Tags: good+things, work
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