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so i think that I am feeling better. about a lot of things. I have even started to venture out of the house for purposes other than work and cricket.
I have had some weight lifted from the carousel, which is always nice.
the split workplaces are taking some getting used to, but I think suits me better, as change of scenery will help with potential boredom. still catching up with everything (and everyone) at the uni. even had lunch with Pollyanna! the school is still fun because the job itself is interesting, the teachers are really good at finding software that requires odd-ball set ups.
Saturday saw our first match of the winter comp. continuing our dream run from summer, we lost again. "white wiggle" has yet to get a win with us, but he seems undaunted. which is what we expect from our players. if we were that stressed about winning, we would have probably all have quit years ago. our colts team also had their first match, and the young fellas slotted in nicely into the club mentality, with one run, scored between seven if them, only webkos 15, and eleven extras kept them from attempting a new club record. with such an auspicious start I consider them officially blooded now, and the future of the club looks comfortably anatine :)
also Saturday brought the annual trip the cricket assoc dinner, which is no longer a sit down meal affair, reduced to finger foods, but also reduced to mercifully short, since there are so few teams now. frighteningly the apaches represent 1/9th of the total association. 
the night passed by fairly painlessly, because I had more than decent company, and despite webko being in a mood of sorts, he spared us and went and inflicted himself on all the other clubs, only stopping by to drop off more drink vouchers.
I am still playing lotro, and it is looking likely that I will join the uni helpdesk and the Texans playing the new star wars online thingy at some point in the near future.
the touch footy group at the school are moving to Wednesdays so I have another opportunity to lie gasping on the ground while some twenty year old runs around my crumpled and wheezing form. a far cry from a couple of years ago - similar actors, similar results, different reason (was I more motivated to catch those perhaps)
note with delight the election of socialist president in France. I feel a bit sorry for Sarkozy, who did not appear to do a bad job. tough time to be in charge I guess.
Aussie politics continues to border on soap; revelation of the week being that a few weeks before the accusations were levelled at Liberal defector Peter Slipper, manager of house business Chris Pine, had a couple of meetings with his accuser. Set up, anyone?
I'm not seeing the Repubs posing much of a threat to Obama, across the pond. The lacklustre appeal of baseball Mitt, and the general lack of anything interesting being said, makes me think it might be a bit of a snore. However, it's still a ways off, and no doubt the media will beat it up as much as they can, so everyone keeps watching.
There's a show on called Planet America where one of the chaser idiots and a regular journalist, discuss highlights of American news and events. worth watching online for you politically interested Americans. highlight for me from the last ep was the revelation that Osama was concerned about Keith Olbermann getting fired from MSNBC.

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