Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

another productive day. working in a number of venues suits me rather than being in the one spot. possibly something I got used to when I was working in dallas, doing a couple of nights here and there and finishing up with a fill-in spot somewhere else. changes in scenery prevent me from getting bored.
Teach's daughter has flown back to Dallas, after brief adventure in town after driving from Perth with her boy, and seven other months of gallivanting around Asia minor and major. cricket started back last weekend, but our first game was at castlecrag or something, which is, if I recall correctly, across the bay from  skull island, past mount doom and the dismal swamp (not the one in S.A.) so we picked all the western guys to play out there. some of our team have strict rules on how far west we can go.

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