Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

Such grand plans for Christmas, such usual failure.

As usual the world around me failed, but i got done, what i have wanted to. That which was in my control anyway. Whatever. I think i got enough of Christmas to get what i wanted. Maybe.

Missed the Hawkins clan luncheon which i am not happy about, but 1000 hours is right in the middle of my usual sleep cycle. Either way, not happy.

i don't know what i need. I think i know what i want, and neither of these usually has much to do with what i do. What i do, i realise is pointless, and this has been highlighted to me by the fact that in five shifts this week i have less than $250 to show for it.

Marvs dad sent him some money for Christmas, and he threw most of that towards rent, which helps.

Despite everyone, and everything around me being negative (i guess, or at least a drain one way or another) i seem to be somehow on top of things. I have nothing i want, but at least my want list is pretty short. Would hate to have a long list of things i can't have, that would suck.

Merry Christmas, love youse all,

Tags: update, xmas
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