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Jul. 30th, 2010


totally bizarre


they've all gone mad.


they're all on the same team!

from the blog following the two leaders...

8.35 am: On the Fin Review's op-ed page Mark Latham writes that the cynical tactics of Labor’s NSW Right are dominating Gillard's campaign. Latham identifies the five strategic ploys Gillard and her NSW Right advisers are deploying from former Premier Bob Carr's political play-book.

"The Carr brand is stamped across this campaign. It lives by the motto: never let a difficult policy challenge cost you votes, not when clever politics can do the trick. The Carr brand is based on five strategic ploys. Let's look at how Labor has used them over the past month.

* "The first is The Time-Buyer, a way of postponing a decision on a difficult issue until after the election. This is the true purpose of the Citizens' Assembly on climate change.

* "The second is The Diversion, a way of shifting the agenda off a vote-losing issue onto a related but different subject. This is the reason for Gillard's focus on so-called population policy, to give the appearance of a tough line on migration and asylum seekers without actually doing anything.

* "The third is The Illusion (of taking action), evident in Gillard's announcement of the offshore processing of refugees in East Timor, even though she made next to no preparation for establishing such a centre.

* "The fourth is The Sacrificial Lamb, used when a government is in desperate trouble. Cutting someone's throat can be an effective way of soaking up the electorate's anger (thanks Kevin). This then allows the government to say it is 'moving forward'.

* "The fifth is The Micro-Announcement ... a series of small, nugget-sized policies (inexpensive and ultimately ineffective)."

Mark Latham, the former Labor leader and Gillard buddy, may have a hate-hate relationship with the faction which spawned him, yet he brings insight to bear.

It almost makes me want to cry, it's just how i remember it :)

I am so sorry i have missed these last few years of Australian politics. It's delightfully WWE.

Here is a flavour of what Latham had to say:

"It's the coward's way to get on the blower with Laurie Oakes and say, 'I'll tell you this but you're not allowed to identify me'. It's the snake's way.

POW! Chairshot! It's personal!

So I challenge Kevin Rudd to be a man, to be honest, to have some honour and actually, if he feels this strongly about it, put his name to his words. I think it's unmanly and beneath a decent Aussie bloke to act this way, let alone an ex prime minister ... It too, is one of the laws of nature, that Kevin is a serial leaker, this is what he does and the Labor Party is having to live with the consequences."

"beneath a decent Aussie bloke" is quite a phrase.

11.45 am: Abbott encounters child of Vietnamese refugees during his visit to St Jospeh's school in Hectorville. Our reporter Kirsty Needham sent this text: "Abbott chats to 12 year old Huan Luong who tells the Opposition leader his father fled Vietnam by boat and met his mother in a refugee camp before coming to Australia. Huan said the boat ran out of fuel and had to be rescued at sea by a French tanker."

Oh the comedy.


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