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i am actually at the point where i am too tired to write.

Wednesday night was a beating at work, because we had no busser and the lazy girls don't pick anything up. Damned if it was going to be my job. So tired, and then because The Shieldmaiden *still* hasn't made me a key, i couldn't get in the house so i (stupidly) followed her directions to hang out with her and her friends. I didn't know she had just made those friends and i didn't know that they were the same people who knocked the shit out of the Mexican Hobbit and cut Special K a couple of days before i left. More fucking whackjobs - just what i need. They did think i looked like Penn Jillette, so i can add that one in again. If this is her SOP, how The Sheildmaiden does not get herself into serious trouble i do not know. Eventually, when she showed no signs of leaving and the tatt-tards had bored me with how wonderful they were and connected to their art they were, i took her keys and got a cab home.

Watched Be Cool last night, did not know it was so good - The Rock and Vince were great.


St Patricks stupidity this weekend - planning to not get hit in the head with a bottle this year. In fact planning to go and get a military helmet to wear with the vest that LRB is supposed to be bringing me.
Tags: friends, the+street
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