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something like an update


Got back from New Orleans somewhat sick. Got sicker back in Texas. Had a good time at Mardi Gras, saw some boobies, saw some old friends, lost a day sleeping because i was sick. MsSwindler got the best haul of beads and goodies, including a pink princess-ey light up cowboy hat, a pink feather boa, a rainbow feather boa and a blue lightsaber which someone tried to steal in the bar which got her all worked up despite my assurances that we'd see it again - which we did. Still no fucker listens to me.

Still couch surfing - about to find couch/floor option four, and this is completely getting old, so i am starting to look for some more expensive but feasible extended stay motel options. However am getting really bored not having a place to live.

Took the night off to go to the jiggle joint for the 14th anniversary celebrations. Saw a bunch of old friends from dancers to off duty bartenders, and saw copfucker who despite having a kidney removed is drinking and dancing again. Also saw Cap'n Billy, and The Hawkman who got me my first job on that godawful Street.

Still haven't written about Florida, but really there's not a whole lot to say other than: really liked the beach, didn't see the big deal about South Beach, would have liked to have had more time there, would have liked to find a job, stayed in a hostel with all the shennaningans that comes with that, had fun with a bunch of foreigners, made friends with a French au-pair who may be rolling thru texas later this year, and got closer to saltdawg than previous but still have not been able to shake hands and deliver the present for him that i have carried since i left the Great Southern Land. As a final note, i do not think i am quite finished with Florida. We shall see. Consider yourself put on notice Florida!

One of the ancient bartenders from The Street passed away last week, which was a shame because he was never short of slinging shit at us when we staggered into his bar at 0700. I will miss Greg Brown, and his iron wool mullet.

More businesses have closed down, opened up and changed hands in the last few weeks, and even more openings and inevitable closings are likely. At least it never gets too boring here.

Big Hefe has picked up a bar on the white side of the street which is interesting, and Skipper has somehow ressurected himself and made it back and now owns Sweet Bar (the last remaining tough-kids/ white trash bar) on the street. GQ is working the door there and Little RedNeck boss just got hired on as a manager. I only need one shift there before i can add that to my checklist of bars on the street. I am altering the list to go for buildings because there are so many bars changing hands it's impossible to keep up.

I miss watching the rugby with my friends, i am going to get a fish tank and i really want to play cricket at some point but i am pushing shit uphill with a pointy stick on that one for oh-so-many reasons.

People are actually slowly starting to pay me back some money which is both a miracle and nice.

Other than that a lot of people see to have slid off the radar as they don't have jobs and i don't seem to be dropping free beer and entertainment. Of course this will change soon, but 'til then i guess i will continue paddling my own canoe like always.

Much love to you all,



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