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So we went.

a few hundred miles into the west of Florida we get a call, the veteran servers who were supposed to be our intel unit, base camp and my fall back job option, hadn't raised the money they needed to head to Southwest florida and could not take their kids and take the risk that things might not work out. However, they would still pull whatever strings they could to help us out, and they still had one of their friends who could help us.

It's worth noting that despite calling their contact a few times, he is yet to return my call. I think it's been almost two weeks now.

Southwest florida and Naples in particular are basically scary in the fact that they are full of old people. "Heaven's waiting room" is right. Although i have my reservations that they are all going to make it there. The beaches were quite pretty although on the Gulf and despite the potential for sunsets on the beach, we opted for the Southeast side and Ft Lauderdale and Miami.

An uneventful trip across Alligator Alley later we made it to Lauderdale. It was about this time that my computer decided to start struggling, and by the end of a night banging my head against it, things were pretty clear that it would require some serious work and possibly even that may not save it. I have not yet turned it on since we left Florida. It would be about right that it was some sort of curse that spoiled all our efforts. Suffice to say that this did not make the job search any easier.

We were at the wrong end of the week for much job hunting and what little we did investigate netted us something that we would come find a familiar mantra from Floridians - "Come see us after the New Year, we are waiting for season to start." I heard that a lot over the next week or so. I declared Sunday a day off, because we needed it, and got some well deserved time on the beach. I saw saltdawg off the coast and waved. He couldn't bring the boat in to shore, i debated swimming out to him, and while waiting for The Waco Kid, cruel fate and his captain called saltdawg ended all discussion and he was summoned back to the boat.

It was sometime around here that my camera decided that it could not be seperated from my laptop and decided to die as well.

We headed to the presumably more fertile grounds of Miami, and ended on South Beach, which was really nice to see, since it's been a while since i'd been to a beach. The hostel was pretty good and we met some amazing and very entertaining people. It was interesting to see Wacos first time dealing with that many foreigners in the one place and being completely outnumbered. Especially being in Florida where he might as well have been one of foreigners.

As the work situation became more and more grim i became more and more committed to enjoying what i was beginning to suspect would be a short stay, so i made sure to spend as much of the morning as i could on the damn beach. It was about then when i met the French girl. At various stages of my life i have had a French girl turn up and help me make some meaning of things, given me some clarity or just a fresh look at things. And Melody was no different. Despite our failure to meet up in an evening and go out at all, we did get to spend two days lazing and swimming on the beach in the glorious florida sunshine.

As the job hunt basically proved fruitless, despite our reaching further and further afield as far as Boca and Hollywood, and even back to the West Coast. None of our leads went anywhere, and even Moneypennys leads didn't come to much, perhaps if she had made it down to join us on her original schedule things may have made it different. In any case, she is not in Florida and neither are we.

So as the cost of staying in the area mounted up, we reconsidered our options, after having helped the odd damsel in distress as i do, and making sure that the French girl made her flight, we decided it was time to make a tactical withdrawl. I was still owed a call from the positive interview from the West, which i am still waiting on by the way, so we found a spot that was far enough up to make our timely withdrawl as well as be within striking distance of the job should it have come up. Still waiting on that call too.

I am sure there was other amusements that i have temporarily misplaced in my memory and will mention some other time but for now that covers florida.


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Dec. 18th, 2009 04:48 pm (UTC)
Flooding in South Florida
Dec. 18th, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Flooding in South Florida

Dec. 20th, 2009 09:52 am (UTC)
fucked in florida
its no conspiracy god hates you
Dec. 21st, 2009 07:35 am (UTC)
Re: fucked in florida
i know that, dickhead.

i still haven't been to PA yet, though.
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