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Florida is all jammed up waiting for the tourists to arrive and spend money.

South Beach is as expected hideously expensive to go out on, and parking is costing a flat dollar an hour.

Miami is totally paralysed waiting for other people's money to come rolling in, and no one is hiring anywhere. So the Waco Kid and i are considering our options. Two-thirds of our reinforcements and more importantly our intel unit, is not going to make it down to Florida at all, and the remaining third (Moneypenny) is not leaving Texas until the 28th of December, which is later than originally reported, and she can probably walk into a job around then. Whether Waco and i can last that long is a totally different issue.

Our one solid lead, is turning out to be half positive, they are interested in hiring me for the bar but without experience Waco is most likely out of the running, however our interviewer did not completely rule him out and may take a chance, because we are both smart lads, and he figured that pretty quickly.

The hostel is good fun, and the slew of foreigners is entertaining, but we need to find something to, if not stop, at least slow the money going out.

I got close enough to <lj user="Saltdog"> in Ft Lauderdale to wave at him from shore and was about to swim out to the boat he was on, but he got called back to work so we were thwarted again. Probably for the best, with my luck i would have got attacked by the only shark in the Atlantic that day.

To add to my computer's death, my camera is also non-functional. Only my phone with the cracked screen remains mostly functional. I think the global conspiracy against me is once again becoming an issue, and i will not stand for it.


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Dec. 13th, 2009 12:02 am (UTC)
Again, check with crew companies in lauderdale. They are usually hiring for menial labour on yachts, usually with no experience necessary. The pay might be shit, but at least it's pay...Also my offer stands for financial support if needed. I'm sorry things got so fucked up back there. If I was on a "normal" ship, wires wouldn't have gotten crossed. Communication is not a hallmark of this operation.

Dec. 18th, 2009 03:52 am (UTC)
text me a good time to call.
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