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We made it to Florida

Most importantly we made it out of New Orleans which had become something of a black hole and kept sucking us back in. The first time we tried to leave, we just decided to stick it out for the weekend after our bartender took us out on the town and we had a good time. We had also planned to leave on the Sunday, but the offer to go to the football game was too damn good to pass up - and that turned out to be totally worth it (OMG! i hate it when i turn into a valley girl). Because we were in such a good mood after the game we threw down the money we made to stay another two nights. When The Waco Kid was offered the chance to go do the same deal at the Hornets game he wisely said "No, thanks." If Lenny had asked me i would have said "Sure!" because i'm daft like that.

It turned out to be a good idea, just not for Waco, as he continued his miserable run on the pool table, with now the Mississippi Whitewash (a three-nil loss) and the Alabama Slammin' (two-nil), joining the Louisiana Lashing (three-one), and my Triumph in Texas (seven-three), taking our recorded total pool scores to an embarrassing 15-4, and meaning i win in four states, including his home turf of Texas.

We went to the beach in Mississippi, jumped around on the sand for a while, splashed our feet and laughed a lot, fondly remembering our friends in Dallas where it has been snowing. Drove through Biloxi which was mostly an empty but pretty beachfront with a string of casinos. Basically all it really needs is some people living there. Went to a local food joint for fried chicken. Good stuff. Saw a pretty sunset.

Drove to Mobile, AL. Drove around a bit, then decided to walk around. I randomly approached the first person i could see and started asking him about the place. Turns out he is a friendly wizard business owner, amateur historian, archivist, and when i looked him up on the internet a raving repub and gun owner. He told the player characters us way too much game text a lot about Mobile and about some of the more interesting facts, history and tidbits about the area. So naturally we set off to gain xp investigate. Without the proper keys and items we really couldn't get much done but opened up some areas and gained a little xp found some of his quests points of interest. Anyway, Mobile seems like someone killed it and most of the bars downtown don't open til friday night so we rolled on and into Florida.

Decided to try to get an early night so that we could roll out and enjoy the sights in the morning, because we could tell it was pretty out there in the darkness because we could see the moon on the water, but not much else.

need sleep


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Dec. 6th, 2009 05:05 am (UTC)
You don't turn into a valley girl. You just hide your true nature really well when need be. :P
Dec. 7th, 2009 05:39 am (UTC)
i wish i had some sort of biting comeback. It's true....
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