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Another day spent driving around and getting lost in NOLA. Our quest: a 'local' restaurant because we didn't feel like taking the streetcar to the quarter and then coming back to drink at the hostel for a while because i bought a bottle of Jameson and Dry and didn't feel like haemorraging money everywhere like i usually do.

After going around in circles for a while, we found a place called Jack Dempsey's seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but it turned out to be exactly what i was looking for. One seafood platter later we had a box of leftovers to take back and waddled out to the car ready to pass out. We got turned around some by the one way streets and it took a little longer to get back then we expected, but at least we are figuring out how to navigate here.

No real plans for the night just yet, but we might wander out a little later.

I wish i had something more sage to say but i suspect i am still tired and stressed a little, and being on the road with an uncertain future probably isn't helping much. I am missing a couple of people back in Dallas.

The one thing that has not changed about New Orleans is my love for some of these houses, they are just that pretty.

Have yet to see any numbers of 'gangstas'. I see black people but they were never the problem. I'm not seeing gangstas of any colour, representin' their 'hood and all. No wiggers, chiggers, or chicanos. Everyone here has been really polite and friendly and i think this will wear on Little Tex [and i really need to settle on a name for him sooner rather than later to prevent confusion] after a while. I think he's feeling a little lost as there are almost no hispanics here, and after four years of living and working in an among them i know i miss them, because they were all pretty solid people.

I'm far too lazy to post photos and i know i should, but whatever :P



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Dec. 2nd, 2009 01:11 pm (UTC)
Hispanics are in Metairie. There are LOTS there. And a couple of Latin "clubs"
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