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As dictated to the shady mongrel,

So tonight i watched Psyche, with MoonCrest and it was an episode with a bunch of Indian characters, and of course Indian actors. Notably Mr. Ranamurthy from Heroes and Mr Chandrasekhar from Broken Lizard, of Supertroopers and Beerfest fame. Mr C was directing this episode and acting in it. As a Bollywood show choreographer, who wasn't gay, because that would have been too easy.

I like Psyches scripts with the snappy banter and mostly irreverent entertainment value only plots, and of late it's become a vehicle to carry not only stars and xps Messrs Roday and Hill, but some fun guest stars including Cary Elwes for this seasons opener. But anyway, in an earlier discussion i had mentioned that Indians now seem to have shoved their way into pop culture over here, and are now playing people who happen to be Indian and not just Indian #1. I was interested in MoonCrests take on it. Naturally his responses were articulate and well thought out because he is an educated man.

In other news, i went walking up towards The Street, to get some McDonalds, because i felt like a greaseball burger apparently, and was alarmed at the number of cops rolling on down the back streets, especially when they lit me up with their little light twice.

I went to McDonalds and stood in their drive thru line, behind a car and the inevitable pristine and unscratched bed of a truck. It was probably an F-150 but i have no idea and still don't care. I knew this would be an issue and i waved an apology and showed i wasn't packing to the car behind me and waited. When i got to the line i saw a harried looking but professionally conducted young man who looked like he was the Junior Manager or something. He also appeared to be the only one working. He closed the window (because that's standard safety precautions here) as i explained to him that i wanted to order and did not mind waiting, and i understood that i was not in a car, but i had chosen to walk tonight. He looked at me and very sincerely apologised and told me that he could not serve me and that was store policy. I saw in his eyes the faint hope that i wasn't going to make this an issue, because he was having a rough night already and really didn't need the drama.

I asked him if the policy was because i was not in a car. He told me he could not serve pedestrians. I enquired as to whether it was just pedestrians, or would i have to be in a car, or perhaps some sort of vehicle? Would a push bike be alright? Skate board? Roller skates? I understand you can't serve me, but i am just trying to make sure i get this right. He looked at me helplessly. No. It couldn't be a push bike. Would a motorbike be alright? Yes. Apparently a motorbike would be okay. So basically i'd need an engine. A vehicle with an engine would be alright. Yes. I really am very sorry, buddy. That's okay, no problem, Thank you. Have a good night. Sorry.

I nearly hailed a cab. I thought about it and eyed one stopped at the light up the road. But there really wasn't a point. There was comedy value, certainly, but did i really want McDonalds that bad? Would have been fun.

Chapel looked at me like i was retarded and said, "That's so cute". She took a beating tonight at the Ding. She claims to have washed every glass in the place three times tonight, plus had a full bar for most of the night, so at least she made some money. I really need to work on finding things to do instead of sleeping.

There was a SHIT TON of cops out. It really is a circus down there. It looks like the carnival closing down for the night. There's four places open after two right there, and another four within half a mile. People streaming past obstacles, sometimes into them, and sometime being obstacles themselves. Staggering, talking, shouting, smoking, playing with cell phones, through the cop car barricade, around the loping valets, up against the wall of the building, bottlenecking and streaming on to the sidewalk past the restaurant patio, with the late diners at the Ding with exclusive front row seating for the circus. Sometimes the sides interact, and it's pretty clear which side of the fence people are on, random strangers defend other random strangers from random drunk strangers all the time, just because they are on the same side of the fence.

I didn't hear any gunshots tonight, although various people assure me that what i am hearing are not gunshots, but various people have pointed out which ones are actually gunshots. I am pretty sure i can tell the difference by now.

I stayed up late and slept late, wasted my day. But it was mine!

Moo Hoo Ha Ha,

Glorious Leader


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Sep. 19th, 2009 11:49 am (UTC)
sorry, bra
most of them have a lil sign explaining that. But no one will serve pedestrians in a drive thru.
1: they may be packing
2: they may grab and run
3: they may drag the teller out thru the window
4: they may get hit by another car
5: they may either panhandle the teller or start panhandling the cars

The moment the "againsts" stack past 2 issues, it becomes "Not worth it".

The cab would have been funny. "Hey I want McD's but I need a car. Pay you in a Happy Meal?"

Motorcycle AND Horses are accepted in the drive thru. I speak from experience working at a Burger Street.
Sep. 19th, 2009 01:17 pm (UTC)
Re: sorry, bra
nearly five years in texas and STILL NO HORSE RIDING YET. WTF?
Sep. 20th, 2009 10:19 pm (UTC)
The usual excuse I've heard for not serving pedestrians in drive-thrus is that it's a safety issue. While there may be something to that, I think it's also a riff-raff filter. They probably feel like if you don't have a car, it's much more likely that you're going to be more trouble than your money is worth.
Above all it's out of the ordinary and if there's one thing the american fast food industry thrives and depends on it is consistency. When you start throwing them curves both you and your money rapidly lose appeal.
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