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Back in the saddle easy chair

This little iBook has plagued me for a couple of weeks now and i have come to think of it as my little South Australian/Tasmanian/Kiwi iBook - it's a little slow sometimes. I have finally defeated MoonCrests wifi router, with the help of the internet and some pig headedness and once more i am outside where all smokers deserve to be, smoking, drinking and writing. Only thing missing is the faithfull hound at my feet, all i have is a faithless hound, skulking inside. After four years of knowing me and living with me for over two weeks now, the idiot STILL barks at me when i come home.

Really sorry about the massive update the other day i forgot all about the lj cut

I went out to East Texas to hang out with LRB on the weekend and spent way too much money at that jiggle joint, but had an excellent good time, probably because i resisted the usual habit of getting smashed. Possibly because unlike the Southstralian, YB, GQ, or my usual compatriots, LRB doesn't feel the urge or at least knew he had to drive in the wet so i lacked anyone to really drink with other than the hookers, but i feel no sense of solidarity with them, like i would my mates. Even then we still didn't give much alcohol away despite there being a lot of it, and a lot of them, and the fact that we didn't care. The most damage we did to any of the booze was LRB loading up his old bouncers Jack and Cokes something fierce.

Tuesday night i took off work because i got offered tickets to a Stoli (my only vodka) event with some circus show and free booze deal. I got tickets from a DJ i worked with, got free valet from one of my buddies, and got almost poisoned by Eowyn because all she wanted to do was get rid off all the free booze so people would start paying again. I took Legs, who Eowyn originally introduced me to way back, and wasn't particularly fond of. i was waved though because my name wasn't on a list but i think i had been identified as "one of the freeloaders". And weren't they all out! From Uncle Nick, FirstBrother, Joshberg, Chickenhead and others from TheBrothersBar, to Madame Butterfly who i haven't seen since we worked at Confused back in '06, to Swordfish who i know works at HOB but i didn't expect to see off, to Fletch and some of the WhiteTrashBar gang, to the professional moochers, like the Ex-Cop and his band leader, and one of his old hookers, to some of the independent professional hooker moochers, who are always drifting around. I even caught up with some people i didn't know but knew me, and that always fun.

There were a lot of the Dallas pretty people there, and i worked that out when some smooth photog came up and got a "pretty people" picture of Legs and i, in our slightly confusing cowboyish best, and handed us a card for the website we would be on later in the week.

Anyway the balletish show was very impressive and sufficiently artistically obscure to make the pretty people look at each other and smile and nod and keep drinking. I kept doing laps of the venue to see who i would bump into next.

After seeing the back of Biscuits head earlier i finally caught up with him long enough to say hi and make fun of him once again pushing a garbage can around. "At least it's not all the way up The damn Street this time." He laughed.

Apparently, the after party was back at WhiteTrashbar so Legs and i noted that and kept it as a last resort in case of utter boredom. Once the free drinks ended and the crowd thinned - The Street Ensemble Theatre Players all left, anyway, because free alcohol mandates a free show. No more alcohol, no more show, these people are professionals, you know.

Both Legs and i had something of a date to get to at some point but stopped at The Ding to get some food and to poke fun at Chapel who had volunteered to work while i went gallivanting around. We ate, and mama in the kitchen forced some family dinner on me since i was there. "Eat, eat." She told me gesticulating with those blue rubber gloves, like she always does.

After eating and drinking and providing a shelter to one of the Real Estate guys who come in early every day, because the rest of the RE team had brought some curious company with them, Legs and i fled to meet up with our maybe dates. Mine was playing in her pool league wearing the Tori shirt i had bought her, which she claims is her favorite shirt now. She had actually won a game tonight, and was perched on the rail outside the bar. We stayed long enough for a round (on me of course) before going over to see the Southstralian at the BeatleBar.

Pauses to work on joint.

It was karaoke-hell-night and since i know i have an eternity of misery at karaoke in my future, i really don't see the point in inflicting it on myself at the moment. But Legs wanted to sing a song so we stayed and drank. Legs and i, with my maybe date trailing behind and went to the darkened-couch-strewn side of the bar so we could smoke on the kewtee. I was talking about cigarettes, she was not.

Within seconds. The friggin' DJ has said something over the mike, and The Southstralian has come straight over to me. The hide of that boy. It wasn't even my fault. I had a cigarette in my hand, which i will admit i shouldn't have. Fucking Legs.

At some stage i wandered up the road to say hi to the africans up at the 7-11, who just grinned at me while i bought cigarettes that they know are not for me, because i am never buying the same brand. On the walk up there i probably said hi to some people and on the way back with my deliveries the same thing probably happened.

Someone probably asked me for change or a cig as well. I believe Winnie Blues are now twenty bucks in australia, that's almost a buck a piece. Still only a little more than a quarter here, but even then i know some people are getting a little ruder about refusing.

I usually give one of my cloves away just for the comedy value. Some of the bums dislike them so much they refuse or now don't even ask for a cig because they know what i've got. I give them to customers all the time. I've even sold packs of them to people. One drunk goth kiddy with her friends hit us up at The Cabana one time. Biscuit was a bit cranky about it, but i just shrugged. As we were walking back up to The Zig for more afterhours (not that that EVER - i cannot stress this enough - EVAAAR, happens on The Street) shennanighans. (NOT THAT THAT EVER HAPPENS).


But this girl actually took three steps and got such a headspin she swooned.

As a result of my experiences in life i can now provide an accurate and undeniable definition of a physical swoon. Perhaps, this is my moment.

As the word suggests from its spelling there is a connection to the word swan. Rather than Swede, for example. Or sweat.

In a swoon, there is an elegance, a fluidity of movement, with almost ballet-like qualities to it. But ultimately like those "pretty people" swans you see swanning their way about a duck pond, they are still a fairly ungainly creature for all the suave moves that it shows. It is about falling over, but falling with all the grace, poise and accuracy of a slightly tall for its centre of gravity creature, so that at the end of it, for all it's Nadia Comeniche (i am NOT looking that up and if you don't know who i am talking about go with) / Mary Lou Retton amazing movement, there is still an almighty funny splat at the end.

She went splat! We giggled like schoolgirls, and almost ran like pranking teenagers, twenty bucks worth of tacos in our damn fool hands.

DJ Chamos plush promo Cd is *really* good, and i hate to get into it around the DJs i live/drink/work with, but really. Wow.

Changing from his CD because i ran out of power, to tha ANGUUUUUUUUWWWWWLLLLSSS. Rock. Yay for my inner westie / bogan. I have a live Cd and at the end of one of the tracks you can clearly here "aw-ryte, Sulvaniya, can ya ploys thunk the Ain-Jools.... makes me giggle.

Butterfly effect moment...

What else makes me giggle right now? Samples of Guru Josh's club classic "Infinity" are cropping up all over the place. What makes me giggle most? One of the lyrics of that song was "Nineteen nineties, time for Guru". I never heard of the guy every again, during the nineties, or in fact ever despite always having liked the song, and now nearly 20 years after that it's back. So the guru was a little off on his timing. 1990's? No. 2009? Apparently.


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