Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

Melbourne trip

The trip down to Melbourne – whatever the date was.

Dot Hey You!
Strange, how the world works. Strangely appropriate that Australia ended up with the ending “.au” No other country received such a fitting internet address.

- Have you ever been so cold that you snuck into the men’s room to use the warm air hand dryer to warm up?

Fayr suggests that the two of us offer our love up-front, no strings, and unconditional. Some people (like Pike specifically mentioned and Plaguemidget assumed) can’t accept that and are looking for the hidden catch. I think that I wait until I think someone would like it and then send it to them. It seems rude otherwise.

I sort of like fayr and as usual I’d like to kiss her out of curiosity - mainly to see what it’s like. Don’t find her that attractive otherwise – way too skinny. But I think I’d like to lie with her – unlikely but then… the world’s an amazing place.

Have been either too lazy or drunken to write this journal. Tired too.

I know I’ve been terribly hurt, but haven’t been thinking about it. Jyan asked me to join the Star Trek campaign but I told him I couldn’t – don’t know the world and wary of the players – plaguemidget in particular. He said something like “grin – I thought you might still be a bit tender” – he’s right & I’m glad he cares.

“Tender” dual meaning :-
Tender: gentle caring, delicate, soft.
Tender: Sore to the touch.

Holbrook Southern NSW
Submarine town – HMAS Otway is stuck in the middle of nowhere, about
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