Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

I was exhausted by the end of my shift last night, and clearly it had something to do with being up from about 2100 Thursday, and on my feet more or less since 1200 friday, and it should have come as no surprise that despite my plan to shuffle out slightly after 0200, i had two guys turn up and once again i was the last order of the night much to the kitchens anguish (and mine) - shuffling home by 0330.

The computer sale was actually really good, as most of their list turned up for a change. We sold all but two of what we brought, which was delightful after all the times we turned up and sold a half dozen or so.

I had a point and i sure can't remember it. I am watching USA channel almost constantly - Burn Notice, Psyche, Monk, SVU, CI, and the original L&O.

Dwayne Johnson is know longer calling himself the Rock it seems.
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