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FBI powers

It's all kinds of horrible that the American FBI are now having their powers of observation and surveillance restored to the level of 'freedom' or 'intrusiveness' (depending on whose side you are on) that they were at when first formed by J. Edgar Hoover. I have a suspicion that Hoover was involved with the whole McCarthyism and witch hunts in the 50's but I will have to check that up.

The Republican government has taken the leash off the FBI and I am very worried at their new powers to investigate those that they deem suspicious. It's alarming when the real world intrudes on some of the most alarming and paranoid fiction around. The parallels between what is beginning to happen now and the fictional government detailed in Transmetropolitan are worrying. Acts taken by the government "in the interests of the people" but not necessarily with the people’s interests really at heart.

Expect hidden microphones in Mosques, Middle Eastern restaurants, anywhere at all that the FBI might consider a potential place for seditious or treasonous thinking. Like public universities or student rallies.

Additionally there was a serious debate about those student and leftwing groups protesting the war against the Taliban, whether or not their protests were enough ground for them to be arrested on Treason charges. Treason, of course, is punishable by death in the United States. Read that again, or let me state it more simply. Serious debate existed over whether or not to put protesters to death. American citizens no longer protected by their right of freedom of speech? No way, could never happen under a democratically elected government, right? If you were a protester you’d sure be hoping that.

This freedom of investigation is encroaching on the whole American ideal of freedom of speech. I feel that this is only the first of the Constitutional rights of Americans to be pushed aside by the martial law like status of the Republican government. And all with a "go back to sleep America, your government has everything under control."

If the Americans are so keen to violate their own people's rights to "preserve the safety and integrity of American national security" imagine what they are willing to do to the rest of the world? Especially to other countries who have in the past shown a "lax" attitude to refugee immigration, such as Australia. Frankly, I'm not surprised that both major political parties went the hard line on illegal immigrants, purely because of the influence and the importance of the United States in this region.

They are one of the things that prevent a mass exodus from Indonesia to this country – either militarily or otherwise.
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