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Just not cricket

It's world cup time for us cricket fans, and being trapped in the middle of a cricketing desert of a sort i haven't been keeping up.

As usual the big eight are there - Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Pakistan, India, West Indies, Sri Lanka, it is a guarantee that one of the will win, as these are the largest and most serious of the cricketing countries, their fortunes rise and fall over the years as as with any sports teams. There are the cricketing minnows - who play regularly on the world scene, get beaten a lot but are slowly improving - Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and Kenya. Then there are the "Emerging Nations" and hearing the US described as such always makes me laugh. The Netherlands are becoming a regular attendee at the World Cup, my dad told me about his very brief fling with cricket when he was a student in England when he ended up playing with some Dutch guys (they all ended up being drafted for a scratch match from field hockey). Apparently there is some significant cross-over from field hockey.

But with the plan to expand the sport the International Cricket Council has put together a tournament for these emerging cricket nations and the top few teams from that fill out the World Cup proper. Denmark, Canada and Scotland all return from the previous world cup, and joining them are Bermuda and Ireland.

I can't think of too many ways that cricket has had black marks against its good name. Cricket has always been a game for gentlemen, even if sometimes the gentlemen playing can get a little hot under the collar, and forget to act like one. But composure and when to keep it and when to lose it are also part of the game, but the MURDER of an international coach is too much.</i>

Of course, first clue on the murder is that it occurred after Ireland put Pakistan out of the World Cup. How this happened i do not know. I do know that it happened on St Patricks Day, and i really do feel for Pakistan. The Pakis are very hot and cold as a team, and their record away from home in recent years is very patchy. Some of my Pakistani friends used to tell me it was because when the players were out of Pakistan they could go out and party and drink (Pakistan is a mostly Muslim country and i don't think they sell alcohol there).

But yes, Ireland beat Pakistan on Saint Patricks Day, and then the Pakistan coach is strangled in his room. Someone is taking cricket too seriously.


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Mar. 24th, 2007 01:19 am (UTC)
"Someone is taking cricket too seriously."

indeed. Bodyline was one thing, actual bodies is going too far
Apr. 4th, 2007 01:48 pm (UTC)
Who needs cricket? Baseball season has started! And, like all things American in origin, it is the world's best sport in which a stick and ball are used. ;)
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