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The Street: Episodes #264, #265 & #267

#264 "Same old, same old"
So Confused has new owners. I saw her at the end of the bar but didn't talk to her as i drifted in before my shift. Pontius, Conan and The Village Thug were all entertaining as best they could, offering their varying opinion on all sorts of things. I figured she had enough stupidity being poured into her head that she didn't need me adding my input, not that anyone ever listens to me around here because i am just a doorguy. And i like to know i am dealing with, so i kept an eye on them and talked to The Professional. So much for ExtremeSportsDudes's "we're in for the long haul", "we're going to stay the course". I wish i was joking but these are the phrases i heard way back just before (or was it after?) TX/OU.

The new regime is going to reopen the kitchen which probably means that the change of licensing that Pontius assured us that ExtremeSportsDude had sorted out, did not actually occur. I will try to dig out my proposals that ESD and Captain Kirk ignored six months ago.

In Crazy Joe news, he is about to throw in with the Mayor Pro-tem in his efforts to get elected. Apparently the MPT's people sought out Joe to make a deal. The deal will be signed next week, and from it Joe gets what he wants and doesn't have to do the mayoral b/s, ribbon cuttings, dedications and the like. I still want to see the contract.

Up at the irish pub The Leprechaun was once again trashed and staggered through his shift, some hispanic girls draped over him at the end of the night each holding up the other, her speaking spanish and him gaelic, while her friend looked at me for help and i just shrugged.

The new owner at Confused had to be carried out at the end of the night so i can see this being a raging success.

Saturday night i met the other new owner. His wife had been carried out the night before and he wanted to hear from everyone on what they thought they could add. A likeable fellow, he's worked IT for 12 years and is trying to get into the Poker Pro-Tour so doesn't want to have to lose time working a job. He wants the bar to work and to make him money. Enough money for improvements and repairs to the bar, and then to pay for him to stop working and go on the Poker Pro-Tour.

Apparently, ExtremeSportsDude will be staying on for a year to help them with .... something. God knows what. As a consultant perhaps. What he will be consulting on is anyone's guess.

So new boss wants to hear what everyone has got to say, he wants people to be proactive and if it's under a hundred bucks to fix something that is broke, we're to go ahead with it and give him the receipt and he'll get us back. It's all good positive problem solving thinking. Don't think it will work in Confused.

I learned from Hops, the new bartender at the Irish Pub, because we needed a new bartender that wasn't me, that New Boss cannot actually bartend, he has never been a bartender. So my next question that i have yet to get an answer to, is why is he managing a pub? He's not here for his food serving experience, because we don't have food. It's not to book bands and wrangle DJs, because we're a small pub, they don't fit. I have run out of ideas as to what skill he has that might be of use. I like him, he seems like a good bloke, he doesn't come across as stupid, but why'd they pick him. Unless, it is with horror that i wonder this, unless he is a fucking accountant come to financially manage this place. Oh dear.

So after another night of disappointing New Boss and not getting sent home because we kept rolling them in an out all night, i went back to Confused where by some miracle they had survived the night with Pontius working the door because Todd had not shown up.

Mr Poker tour wanted to hear all of us, and like a wisecracking comedy troupe we all talked rings around him and over each other as we cleaned up. Warrior went to Taco Cabana, beers were brought out, SoGood hung out and we "met the new boss". Mr Poker is up against it, because he wants to treat people as credible, and unfortunately the people he has talked the most aren't really on his side. I got his email address to pitch my two cents worth, because if he is going to listen to anyone it might as well be me. I could do with a bartending gig.

It was late i went home. Hilarity over.

#266 "Famous Last Words"
Tuesday night and qu_ball and i wander down The Street to go finalise some work for him this weekend, and while following leads make the mistake of a couple of social calls as well. rosequeen is already safely ensconced in bed after a short outing for dinner and a beer at the Tipp, where we helped out Crazy Joe for a while at Trivia.

It was supposed to be a short trip. Perhaps the mistake was setting ourselves up with some definite later stops before we went home. Brief stops, to check in and check out Skippers renovations over at Milk (it looks good, i may just go back to work for him if the chance comes up), The Irish Pub was the first hurdle. Not even one beer saw us dragged into Happy and the girls game of trivial pursuit. Played in typical girl fashion, with no board, no pieces, no scores, and no actual rules to the game other than infrequent high fives (which Crazy Joe maintains that he invented for someone), and continued drinking. Three times i tried to get up, each with increased cleverness and less foreshadowing, and three times i had a beer plonked down in front of me, and a "where are you going" look from Happy.

We sidestepped Dumbass at The'Suck and had one at Confused with Warrior and Warrior's Girlfriend who it seems is now bartending there. *shakes head*

Coming to the end of the trek we arrive at Ocean Fart and while qu_ball is filling out some paperwork, i hang out with GQ who warns us that "Toni" will be there soon. So To The Raven! we go for a quick beer, which is actually quick, and we are soon back at Ocean Fart.

I am not sure where along we way we ended up with a small party happening here at home but we did. Crowned or nailed-in-the-coffin by The Pizza Hobbit, and That Guy Who Does Something at the Jazzbar who turned up with a case of Arrogant Bastard Ale. Oh my. I could hardly say no, could i? They tried to keep the noise down as best we could but we were all cut so sometimes we forgot.

I had tried to wake rosequeen because "Toni" wanted to hang out with her and she would have had a good time, but to no avail :( Didn't kick on too much longer as everyone was pretty much flaking out.


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Mar. 8th, 2007 10:36 pm (UTC)
I hope this makes sense to you, because, I, knowing all of the key players and scenes, can't make heads nor tails of it.
Mar. 8th, 2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
what doesn't make sense?
Mar. 9th, 2007 05:02 pm (UTC)
Just trying to keep up with who, what, and where.
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