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it's a wednesday

i completed the move once Tommy finally turned up. It was another stinking hot Dallas day and the sweat poured off us. Thankfully i really don't own that much stuff. This is going to be exciting chapter, i can tell. If all goes according to plan, i should be moving into a place with either Bitch Sister, or The Quiet DJ sometime in the next couple of weeks. However here for the moment i am crashing with a girl i met a couple of weeks ago.

Her apartment has four rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, her bedroom and a living room which is where i am kipping down for the moment. She works days, i work nights, in theory we should probably only catch each other coming and going.

Regardless of the conditions under which i met her - she was bashfully competing in the Bikini contest at Confused - this however, is not the kind of thing she does, but every now and then you've just got to take a chance and be daring. She has travelled a fair bit, both in and out of the US, so has a more worldly perspective than a lot of people i meet around here, and it's something that feels a little more comfortable to deal with. After the contest she and her friend invited me to go to somewhere that i can never remember the name of, for dinner the following week. The food was excellent, and the company good, another of those times that just happen to me by accident and not design, when it's just me and a group of pretty girls.

The most dangerous of those incidents, was when i nearly ended up seeing "The Terminal" with evilmegsy, moi_downunder, The XA of my division and the Hot Boss. Perhaps this reeks of a lack of confidence in them on my part, but i am NOT going to see a fucking Tom Hanks movie with four girls. Not happening. We ended up seeing "The Village" which was a much more entertaining movie to sit through with four girls, as they jumped and gasped and covered their eyes at varying times. I vaguely recall the XA wanting to throttle The Hot Boss who would not stop talking. I digress.

I don't really know a lot about my new flatmate, The Redhead, other than she had travelled and also fostered dogs, because she loves dogs, and she seemed pleasant enough. See how impaired my judgement is, that i will move in with almost anyone? The only rule she had was that i am not allowed to hit on her. Which is perfectly fine with me, because i am capable of getting into more than enough trouble as far as that goes. I think part of the reason she took me in is because i am something of a travelling dog, needing to be fostered. Perhaps. Some have suggested that she has other motives. I think Some people are making shit up.

It wasn't until i got here that really began to wonder whether this was a good idea or not. I can trip and fall over from the front door to where i placed my bed, with appropriate comic arm waving i could stumble to any of the other three rooms within five steps. I think a lot of people back home have judged yards the size of this apartment as "too small to have a dog". Yet, now two of us live here.

The Marine made "OOOoooOOO" noises when i told him where i am, claiming that i have obviously gone "up market" because this is apparently a rich area, some of the houses on the way here were very pretty, but i do not think that this apartment qualifies as "up market".

Once i was settled i went to have a quick shufti through the kitchen as i consider the next trip for provisioning. There's a lot of suspiciously hippy stuff here. Organic rice, cranberry and pomegranate juice, natural tomato and red pepper soup, and environmentally friendly soap, and bleach substitute. No Hot Pockets, no frozen dinners, no growing mound of fast food containers. No groing mound of Dr Pepper cans, and what looks suspiciously like home cooked leftovers. AND a bottle of red, and probably a dozen beers - Carlsberg, St Arnold Summer Pils, and Dogfish Head IPA, which i haven't had since i was in New Jersey. I have added my dozen Coopers Pale to the party and i think we have a respectable looking fridge. I think i am in love :)

She flittered in, changed and talked on the phone for a while, before coming out to talk to me, and answer a few questions. She explained the recycling procedure to me, which seems to be a rarity round these parts. There is no tv, and no computer (and thus no internet, nor any open networks around that i have found yet - boo...), and almost all the books i can see around are reference books of some sort or another; art, travel, history, a couple of german and spanish language books, and curiously, a book titled "The Complete Guide to Dwarf Seahorses in the Aquarium".

The Redhead ran off to a session with her personal trainer and then was planning an hour long run later, i am going to lie on the floor, maybe go outside and smoke, and then cook something before walking to work. I am still working on the rooftop, and am really not looking forward to it with temperatures still soaring. In fact, i am not looking forward to it, because there will be another crowd of drunk Americans, and the full price drinks rule is probably still in effect, even though FirstBrother claimed he was going to work something out. He also claims that he is going to tell me what the deal is on the website soon. I am waiting for him to claim the earth is flat.


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