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The pain in my head

Today i went and sold computers with my adopted dad and adopted uncle. I had at least six of the soul food cooking creole styled grandma's chasing me down, "Which one of y'all's got that accent?", "Come over here and talk to me some more." Etc. This was the worst it had ever been there. Sixty five year old women with their toddler grandkids in tow...

Working the Irish Pub has been wonderful so far, and drama free. Tonight however was a night of drama. Everywhere, and one of little fucking business. Fortunately, Fuzzy Cat Jesus showed up, with Chapel, Pavis, Snugglebunny and a couple of others and came to drink for a while Tomorrow i am working door for them down in Deep Ellum for the Zombie Wrestling league debut - featuring Chapel, geminibalance and my rosequeen among others. Should be entertaining.

Tonight at the Irish pub i bartended for a while because The Leprechaun was too trashed, and doesn't know how to make some of these stupid American shots. The other bartender had wandered down the street with MsHappy (who was not working) and her fiance and a few others. By the end of the night MsHappy and her fiance had had a big fight and apparently their wedding is now off. The rest of us tried to comfort her as best we could for the last hour. He is easily six-six and while she was grabbing at him outside trying to stop him from leaving, he tried to restrain her and when the black parking guys tried to intervene he said something that involved the N-word so was laid out apparently.

Crazy Joe turned up and before i got myself trapped listening to him again, i challeneged him to prove something to me. We shall see if anything comes of this.

once i got back to Confused i found myself in the middle of more drama, as Pontius was carrying some girl he knew out, she clearly wanted to stay. This was made clear over the next hour or so, as she continued knocking on the door, while The Professional, Pontius and Conan alternately yelled at her, and at each other, and everyone else to not let her in.

Someone let her in at some point and she tried to stay and while they all continued yelling, i found they were all yelling at me. Why this was my problem i do not know. They pay me to clear behind the bar at the end of the night, not to deal with Pontius' drunk friends. But still i had to deal with it. While Pontius hid in the back, The Professional yelled at her to leave, and Conan tried to stay out of it while his girlfriend heckled him, and i sadly tried to gently talk her out. Once out, i turned on them and abused those fuckers for making it my problem. I don't even work there anymore. whisperer12 found this all very amusing. I was less amused when New York who finally turned up to haul trash like he promised gave drunk-girl MY phone number so she called. And called. And called again. Five times in total. I wanted to charge Pontius ten bucks for every time she called, but Confused got fucked tonight and the boys didn't make much, as the cops were escorting the Health Dept on their booking-people-in-bars-for-smoking crusade and cleared everyone out of the bar at midnight.

So whisperer12 and i took the bullet and went out back while the others snuck out the front. Naturally we attracted her attention, whisperer12 moreso by nearly knocking her out with the back door of Confused. Kindly he offered her a lift home since she was a little stranded, and she wanted to roll on somewhere else. We both tried to explain that all thevbars were closed but she was sure the Slip Inn was open and she lost five bucks to me as it clearly said NOT OPEN when we got there. So she gave up and we dropped her home.

Last night was so much better, a few drinks with whisperer12, rosequeen and eventually Marv at the newly renovated and renamed The'Suck, where i reminded Dumbass that he had fired me when he took over, even though he failed to remember this fact. Had dinner at the Cajun restaurant out in the warm night air and then home to relax one last time before going back to work on The Street.

I am supposed to get up to go join The Leprechaun at some bar tomorrow to watch England play Ireland in the rugby. I will probably be the only person supporting England, and i am only doing that to irritate the paddys.

Oh the hilarity.


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