Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

After two weeks of not having to listen to hip-hop and then filling in for GQ at Ocean Fart and having to listen to it for five hours, i am reminded how much i hate it.

In news from The Street, it seems in light of this news that the wind of change may be blowing through soon. Confused has apparently already changed their license, and Skipper tossed all the ash trays from Ocean Fart tonight in fear of losing their liquor license. The cops have been escorting the health dept officers around issuing tickets to people smoking in the bars over the last two weekends.

I saw Avi (from the linked article) in Ocean Fart tonight having some sort of closed door discussion with Skipper. HellBryan tells me that he is probably making a deal to supply t-shirts or something, which is funny because ever since i got to The Street people have told me that has been trying to shut the entire area down.

If you watch the video you will see a bit of the Street and the inside of TheBrothersBar as well as the exterior of some others and the flashing OPEN sign or Confused.

As i left the house tonight it was 31F and it got a lot colder before the night was over. Tomorrow is tipped to bottom out at 19F which is going to be NO fun at all.
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