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The Street

I honestly can't tell you how glad i am that i have finally found a good place to work. Oh My!

None of this racist bullshit. No DJ playing what they played next door. No whoring ourselves with specials or giveaways. Hi, come in and have a drink and be a grown up or just don't fucking bother. Hoo-fucking-Ray!

DPD cheated tonight and while i don't know the score, i know that trucking around with the health department writing people tickets for smoking in a bar is nothing more than a revenue raising move. Also i learned that the DPD get commission on arrests. And by turning up and assisting these arrests - DUI are worth the most money, by turning up and assisting in the arrest of someone for DUI, they make money. I am beginning to love Dallas for it's sheer perversity sometimes. Just WOW. Not WoW, that's later.

In my continued absence from The Big Cat, despite Skipper asking me last night if i was available to work, and the continued shuffling of bartenders, LittleJosh/GQ found himself moved over to The Big Cat, because it's the bar that they need to protect the most. He rolled his eyes at me about it. BigJ is absent this week, and The Greeks three bars reel as the numbers drop further with the suspension and perhaps firing of Tough Mike, and whisperer12 walking out ten minutes after walking in with no hard feelings over the new zero-tolerance no-black-people rule.

I knew he needed the work, and knew that helping Skipper out was in my interest, so i sent Marv over. I cannot imagine why he was there tonight still working, now in uniform. They seem to have actually hired him. The mind boggles. He claims that he spent Friday night doing lines and shots with someone whose name i am supposed to know, but i get the impression is some level of crime figure, in VIP at Ocean Fart. Honestly, this would not really surprise me. I don't think i'd be too impressed if i had VIP at Ocean Fart but whatever. Pimpin' Gangsta! Yo! (If only someone had sat me down and made me play GTA San Andreas for a few hours, i would have got it. That is the epitome of The Street gangsta. And i am sure they all learnt it fom the game.)

Anyway, i left GQ at The Big Cat with little thunderclouds over his head as he stood in the early cold night with Marv at his side, just being Marv. Sorry mate. Working with him must be really interesting. Working next door to him for six months was. He claims he hasn't slept for fourteen days.

Ghosts keep walking that street.

It's all good. And almost seems to be getting better all the time. Crazy Joe is trying to get Fox News to give him a 15 minute live broadcast tomorrow from The Street. I don't know. Maybe he can pull it off. Everyone will be tuned in to Superbowl, but fox tomorrow between 1630-1800 hours.

More and more people know who he is and greet him with something about "running for mayor", i think they all think he is crazy. I really am starting to wonder.


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Feb. 5th, 2007 06:19 am (UTC)
How many?
He claims that he spent Friday night doing lines and ... claims he hasn't slept for fourteen days.
Feb. 5th, 2007 04:48 pm (UTC)
Re: How many?
i think it was "lines and shots all night long, baby!."
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