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I like to write. Everyone knows that. I am frequently writing things down in my letter-omitting backward-leaning quasi-shorthand scrawl.

i take notes. i do. They often get lost, whether mental or recorded, but they were noted. I used to write all the time. I stopped carrying a notepad, because it became a repository for largely useless information that i needed to look as though i was making note of; phone numbers, band names, bars and clubs, some accent-struck american with a high court judge uncle who knew someone who could swing a green card., my mexican barbacks auto-shop down on I-30. Sometimes i wrote in it and found the notes sometime later and wondered if it had ever made sense.
So this is my prelude to the wedding and the week that was starting with the bucks night and ending with the wedding itself. How have i taken so long to get this written down? 1/ I'm lazy, 2/ everything else is on hold, this is 'me' time, 3/ WoW, and the over lame writers procrastination excuse 4/ everything is percolating in my head and i am waiting for that Eureka! moment. That still hasn't turned up, but in any case...

smokedamage presents

Sometimes a pen is the rarest commodity

a mother-in-law production


a number of other LJ celebrities
and The Street Ensemble players

and lo! it was time for flashbacks all brought on by the present...

Seeing qu_ball again and a regular string of ghosts from the past was interesting times. Getting married as the culmination of all this. Very interesting times. I am glad it is all over. A rush, a bullrush of things, always a sense of something left to do. Where the-?

So anyway, it's been good times, although it has been a shame that - well, i miss my friends. The ones i see almost daily to the ones that i catch up with once in a while. It's all good times. Y'all would like most of the ones i have made here.

Checking on the washing. Didn't plan to be this stoned. Yesterday was great.

I find myself genuinely liking one of the cats. The other two are idiots.

Cats & witches, man...

A day of stunning admissions. Unexpected tears. Totally unexpected tears. Amazing displays of friendship through respect. (Respect is a huge issue with Americans). Beautiful bride. Told her. She saw it finally. People she hardly knew shedding tears for her. A great day.

Also a funny day, starting with the arrival of GQ & "Toni" around midday. They had not slept. Hoorah! She'd worked through 'til 0800. After the previous week of hilarity, starting with the bucks bender that i ended up on. Had a great time, got very drunk at the strip club, had The Destroyer and Dusty the valet pouring tequila down my throat. Crashed in a hotel with Dusty, GQ & "toni" and two of her friends after breakfast at ihop. No-one sober enough to drive either home, or to GQ & "Toni"'s place.

Then there were Wednesday night shennanigans, that was the Bachelorette party (rosequeen has probably posted some photos) that was full of some of her favourite people, doubled up with Irritating Flatmate taking her to a strip club the next night, and a second night of drinking. Sadly, rosequeen "redefines the term lightweight" (thanks bluewolfcv), but came through she did and did her share of damage to the open bar at the restaurant and then powered on when we got to The Street at the end of The Big Day. I got strange looks from Pontius and Ernie when she ordered vilely strong shots from them, i shrugged, and she got her 3 wise men, and her liquid cocaine and then went gaily trotting off into the street for photos in her dress.

I had a good night. I love her. Now WoW

- some time later -

Tears from my "adopted" mom, and the insistence that the grandkids come see them some day. "Always a place at our table." Yes, i will probably pack up my kids and send them to Texas one day. She already has three grandkids, and two of her other children, Fuzzy Cat Jesus and Xtina (another ultralightweight) yet to spawn.

"Anything you ever need," Tears from "Toni". "I didn't think i would get so emotional about everything. I was happy, i knew i would be, but seeing you boys up there all dressed up and handsome, and then seeing her so beautiful in her dress. I cried." She told me giggling drunkenly. "You have to be here. You know you are his best man."

Startling admissions. "I've known Smokey for almost two years." Tears welling in GQs eyes. Don't you dare!.

A wedding gift from Marv. "This is for you, there's other stuff for both of you. Don't tell anyone." Aw my very own shiv. I hope that is rust and not bloodstains. Marv was lucky to make it, he was out on $40,000 bail, i have no idea who bailed him. But he had been confronted and had almost crushed in some guys skull with a tire iron, had flicked two police officers to the ground, and kicked a gun away from one of them. When five other squad cars arrived, he grinned and put his hands out for the cuffs. Unsubstantiated, but it's Marv.

"We cleaned them out of all the good scotch and whiskey. Your friends have good taste." qu_ball quipped.

I had winked and grinned the whole way from the start of the ceremony until she stood before me. Everyone looked so happy.

There were a million cousins and extended family, and a dozen warnings to "look after her". Endless introductions when all i wanted was to eat and drink with my friends and bride.

I stopped at one point while meeting people and one of the cousins, who was a preacher and the family is very proud of, was standing up and had addressed everyone. I couldn't make out what he was saying at first but i saw some of the family seated with heads bowed in prayer?!?!? He continued and while i stood in confusion, i saw takhisis and trickykitty hiding their faces from me trying to stifle their laughter, as someone said grace at my wedding.

I could have told him to sit down and shut up. I could have done it politely. I thought about leaping tables and tackling him to the ground, and i thought about my new shiv, cold in my pocket. Well, if some agent of god wanted to bless the meal, good luck to him and the Good Lord. I glared until it was over and went back to the meet and greet.

After the reception it was back to Confused where it had all started. Crazy Joe had joined us, the hard core drunks who had survived the open bar at the official reception, plus there was the Sunday night regulars, Rugby Justin, The Village Thug, Spazzy Jeff, Booger and their buddies. Pontius lined up the shots for everyone and threw alcohol at us most the night.

My old cigarette pusher was there in the back talking with drunkencelt and had a message for me from NewYork. He couldn't come. He couldn't get cleaned up and he couldn't get to his good clothes. I would have taken him however he was dressed, and when he materialised a few minutes later, i told him the same. He cried into my shoulder his arm wrapped about my neck. "I couldn't do it, man. I couldn't disrespect you like that." I told him that he had been as good a friend as he could have been, and that it was his birthday and he should have come anyway. He looked at me with reddened eyes. "I know, man. I just couldn't do it, looking like this. You're a good friend to me."

The boys drank and smoked, the girls danced and made out. John from New York had ended up wearing one of "Toni"s stripper skirts - i've had bigger steaks - and danced with the girls. Crazy Joe plyed rosequeen with water towards the end of the night,

They cheered, toasted and hugged each other.
They had laughed, they had cried, they'd all had a very long day, and they all went home to bed.

There will be a shitload of photos down the track. I have avoided many photos over the years, but i think today more than made up for it.


In truth i am glad that all the wedding headache is over with and we can go back to just being us, because just being us is good. All of that malarkey was the single biggest stressor of our relationship thus far, and that we survived that probably means something. Low-key was what we wanted, but not quite where we ended up. Times were tough against M-i-L, even when we agreed with her it was sometimes a road fraught with peril and drama.

I waste all my time on WoW. Are many of you surprised this would happen? Sentinels server, for those that want to know. "Thraggon". Shut up, it was the name of my first D&D character, once i had realised what D&D was. For the curious, it was AD&D just pre-Unearthed Arcana. UA brought in some cool but overpowered new things. Barbarians. Finally, a use for a D12 other than for damage from a longsword against larger that humaniod creatures. If you understood the rest of this paragraph, you are a big nerd. I know you are, but what am i?

So wedding over. I had a good time. She had a good time. I think everyone there had a good time.

My adopteds worry the hell out of me sometimes. "Grandchildren?"


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Feb. 4th, 2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
Congrats Man
I am awake and tired at 2:43 in the morning on a worknight. I wish I knew why...but it's not about me, it's about you mate.


I think that is all I have to say really isn't it.

Miss you too mate.
Feb. 5th, 2007 04:41 pm (UTC)
Re: Congrats Man
Thank you!
Feb. 4th, 2007 11:28 pm (UTC)
Damn. I wish I hadn't missed all that. qu_ball told me about the reception, but unfortunately it was a little late, and I couldn't swing it.

Best wishes to both of you, dear. I know you will make each other very happy and very insane. :)
Feb. 5th, 2007 12:56 am (UTC)
congrats - that's awesome. and i do, most assuredly, want to see pictures.
Feb. 5th, 2007 04:42 pm (UTC)
There are about twenty million of them. Will let you know.
Feb. 5th, 2007 01:04 am (UTC)




Falls over laughing. *snicker*
Feb. 5th, 2007 08:58 am (UTC)

you're married! congratulations! félicitations! your wife is very beautiful (went and peeked *g*)

so when are you taking her to Paris for a romantic post-honeymoon trip?

seriously, i'm very happy for you, and i wish you both a very happy life together.
Feb. 5th, 2007 04:43 pm (UTC)
You'll probably see us sometime next year. We'll give you fair warning.
Feb. 5th, 2007 09:10 am (UTC)
Not this year (I've bagsed the European conference this year) but next year I will be heading out to Florida for the annual Vision Science Society shin dig - I would love to come visit you guys for a week or so! Of course, I'll ask again closer to 2008.

Feb. 5th, 2007 01:21 pm (UTC)
Was a wild, interesting and great weekend...thanks for inviting me and for having me there for you as part of the "stand-in family"

Feb. 5th, 2007 04:43 pm (UTC)
You *are* family now.
Feb. 12th, 2007 01:36 am (UTC)
But WOW!
Sorry I am so late getting around to commenting. There is a really good reason, but here is not the place.

Congrats, by best of friends. You deserve it all.
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