Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

The Street

Another quiet weekend because of the crap weather.

Last night saw DPD get away with a solid win, scoring something like 5:0, at least one from Miilk and one from TheBrothersbar. NYJohn tells me that someone was found beaten and bleeding profusely in the mens room, and after getting a description and investigating the neighbouring bars, he found them in the JazzBar. The security all converged to stop the perpetrator leaving unbeknownst to him, and it wasn't until the police arrived that one of the offending roup tried to make a run for the back door.

Crazy Joe running-for-Mayor, my latest stray (i have such a collection), told me that he also assisted the poice in the case of a drugged and confused girl who required an ambulance. He thinks it was ecstasy, but it was more likely rohipnol (sp?) in this area.

Tonight after The Greek blamed the DJ and the doorguy - HellBrian and i respectively for Big Cats poor performance in the last few weeks. Nothing to do with firing The Brown and thus wiping out our indian crowd, nor the shitty weather. According to Skipper, he saved me by moving me down to Greek Ocean Fart and putting me inside and off the door. The Greek hadn't thought of that apparently and thought it a good idea. So after a long layoff, Smokey and GQ/LilJosh were reunited as the smallest and least physically effective bouncers on The Street, but certainly the prettiest and most persuasive.

The final drama of the night was that TABC with the DPD decided to raid all the bars and breath test all bartenders. Any of them found to be drunk (no idea what score that would require - i think 0.08 is the driving limit) would have their TABC certification suspended and have a nights lodging care of the city. Tough Kids Bar was the first hit, and MikeSki (Skippers errand boy and teachers pet) was the first of the City's guests. BigBoobs was over the limit but seemed to have avoided a trip somehow, possibly by being cute.

GQ and i made an exit, the last thing either of us need is Imperial entanglements.

Tomorrow is my bucks party, given the attendees anything is possible - arrests, fistfights, waking up in mexico, etc.
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