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The Street

A terribly slow weekend because of the freezing conditions. Ice threatened, snow flurries warned against, fucking cold anyway. So not a lot went on. The Big Cat had at least acceptable nights given the conditions. The Tough Kids Bar suffered the most and Saturday night had two people after midnight.

DPD scored highly on the weekend, taking a quiet Friday and ramping it up on Saturday night. The Paddy wagon opening to accept members from four different incidents that i saw. There were probably more.

I stand directly across from the Paddy wagon and the lurking DPD forces, pretty much all night. And i mean directly. There is not a moment i cannot see them, and they cannot see me.


Somehow i seem to have got myself involve with a candidate in the Mayoral election. Eccentric would be an accurate description. 90% of what i know about him is what he has told me, 10% is from what i have seen and the last 10% had at least some sort of factual evidence to support it. If half of what he says is true, well, i can scarcely believe, but stranger things have happened. Like a tenth child from an immigrant family, woman, lesbian could get elected as Dallas Sheriff (he tells me he had an integral part in this). Anyway moving on.

I attended a Young Democrats meeting. They looked more like the Young Liberals cocktail set back home than even the old Young Labor Unity caucus, who were almost exclusively yuppie. But at least they argued about things. This lot sat and pleasantly and attentively listened, and occasionally stood up to brownnose and score some brownie points and sat back down smugly after doing their trick. SO.

Then whisperer12 signs us up for a Dallas Dinner Table discussion. On race. After the icebreaker excercise we each get handed a mystery question, to provoke some thought and sharing of experience.

My question asked me to talk about some recent racism i have experienced.

You can imagine. So i meandered politely through background, and turned around and repeated the magic words that Cookie Monster uttered. "I don't want any niggers or spicks in my bar." That went down a treat. I could have played the more positive fact that i get treated differently here for my nationality (or perhaps just my accent), but they'd all already done exactly that so i felt it impolite.

The wedding marches closer and there still seems like a lot left to do.

I am going to try to get back into writing and reading here a lot more. We'l see. Stupid computer games eat my life.


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Jan. 16th, 2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
update on december!

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