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A Long December (part The First)

The month started with a visit from bezique we took in the Assassination museum and talked to some of the conspiracy theorists wandering the area who are always more than happy to give their impromptu lectures about who did it and why. We also went over the the Conspiracy museum which details not only the JFK killing, but also Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. It was my firt time at the Conspiracy museum, and i really know nothing about RFK & MLK assassinations other than they occurred. I know a little more now, but i seem to have forgotten this information because i have the 'flu. Again. We briefly hit the street for a while, and i showed him around sadly he was unable to meet most of The Street Ensemble Players because it was a Tuesday night.

I don't remember what happened the rest of the week, more of the usual i imagine, i probably worked a blackjack party.

There was however some added hilarity on the Saturday night. It had been a usual kind of night, drunks, bad music, all the usual stupidity, and right at the end of the night once we had locked them all out and settled down for a few minutes rest from the idiots, came one of the highlights of working on The Street.

Two skinny guys were arguing outside, one was on the phone and i was idly watching from behind the glass door. Further up The Street the police lights were flashing brilliantly, and who knows what drama was going on up there. As i turned my attention back to the two skinny guys, one of them bent down, took off one of his badly beaten dunlop-volleyesque footwear and ran over the guy on the phone and slapped him in the face. BigJ, LittleJosh, DJHellbound and the others came running over to see what i was laughing about. I caught them up and we began to watch the drama unfold.

After a little pushing and shoving they had turned and began to cross The Street together towards a beaten up Shitty White Old Datsun (maybe), and once they got there Mr Shoe went to the drivers side, and Mr Phone opened the phone again and started to make a call. When Mr Shoe brought out a yellow baseball bat, we thought we had better intervene and LilJ, DJHell and i crossed the road. I yelled at them to grow up and go home, and Mr Shoe saw us coming. As LilJ approached him and told him to put the bat away, he reluctantly did so and began to explain.
"This is none or your concern, sir. I m a law abiding citizen..." DJhell and i began to snigger.
"I'm calling the police. I'm on hold now." Said Mr Phone.
I couldn't hear much of the exchange between LilJ and Mr Shoe, when suddenly Mr Shoe ran over to Mr Phone and yelled into the receiver his full name, address and social security number. Mr Phone tried to veer away.
"He owes me five thousand dollars from when we lived together in San Francisco." LilJ looked at DJHell and I trying not to die laughing.
"Y'all can keep your lovers spat." Muttered LilJ as he turned to leave.
Then Mr Shoe ran up to Mr Phone and clocked him one on the chin, a nice straight little jab and Mr Phone fell onto the trunk, bounced off and fell in a heap on the ground dazed. Mr Shoe then ran up and snatched back the phone triumphantly, yelling "And i'm taking this back since you stole this too!" Before jumping in the car and driving off.

We went back into The Big Cat.

The days tumbled by until Tuesday December 12 when word got to me that Skipper wanted to see me, and told me that i was fired. I shrugged and walked out. According to BigJ, Skipper later wandered in bragging that i'd been fired, BigJ told him "I don't need to hear that." and walked off.

Within about an hour i had arranged some work for the weekend at The Irish Pub

Wednesday December 13
Went to birthday lunch with my soon-to-be-mother-in-law and her parents. The food was good. Afterward taking the olds home, rosequeen, M-i-L and i went to see "The Holiday". Not as predictable in set up as i had thought but good fun nonetheless. Certainly filled the spot made by Love Actually, about Christmas romance and improving relations between the US and UK.
Was also my old man's birthday, so i called him to wish him the best.

Friday December 15
Worked a blackjack party, then worked the Blarney Stone for a couple of hours, but it was a quiet night and i was cut early enough to end up joining The Street Ensemble for another performance. My redneck girl was in town, with babys-daddy and other friends, and she was propping up the bar with The Hobbit, which is always entertaining, then on a five minute smoke break The Marine had caught me up on the nights drama: which was the return of M.Butterfly, trashed.

They had already tried to get rid of her a few ways. The Marine had already sent me a text to see if rosequeen could come get her and let her pass out in the spare room. They had already tried to send her home with the Hobbit, but she had passed out within four blocks and had to be brought back because she wouldn't wake up. She had fallen asleep mid-conversation at least three times. I had missed it all and had the tale relayed to me by a tired-of-all-of-this Marine. I had assumed she was gone, but then she stumbled back in, all teared up because he car had been stolen. The story from the others was that it had probably been towed, and some suggested that she couldn't remember where she had parked it. She stumbled out again, with an escort and we thought that was the end of it. Of course, it was not and she stumbled back in a little later, and someone had *moved* her car. Stolen it, and brought it back and parked it somewhere else. Apparently, that made perfect sense to her.

Saturday December 16
Once again i worked a casino party, but this time with a twist, i wasn't working for my regular employer, i had been loaned out to another company. So i told them i could deal Roulette. It's not that i can't do it, but i have never spun a ball before. The pay-outs are all mickey mouse stuff, i knew those well enough and given the quality of the blackjack dealers i have worked with at these parties, i was certainly confident that i could not look any worse than they do. Some of the group working tonight were from an employment agency and had been given two hours training earlier in the day and were expected to deal blackjack. I took two of them aside and showed them some things, which they were both impressed with and appreciative of. Perhaps it made them look better than the rest.

Roulette is not a hard game, but the spinning of the ball is something that takes a little practice. I did some chip warm ups because my hands are pretty damn rusty, and i have had a little trouble with cutting four with my left, which i find a little embarrassing. Of course, actually dealing roulette and thinking you can deal it are two different things.

I spent as much time as i thought i could get away with idly spinning the ball (practising) and looking over the table. Spinning on these rinkydink roulette wheels is a lot harder than the full size wheels because the ball is lighter and cannot gain enough momentum to stay up for the two to three minutes that it should. So i cheated. Instead of spinning, chipping, checking the table, and closing the betting, i chipped, spun, checked and closed, which meant the wheel stopped a couple of times, which is terribly bad ettiquette in the casino world, but no-one else seemed to notice. Clearing the table was also a pain in the arse, looking for the red/black, odd/even and the long thirds takes some getting used to, and the addition of something called the Missouri Trail, a bet that meanders like a drunk down the table covering a third of the numbers, really irritated me as i had to double check for it every time. In the end while i didn't think i would pass a table test at a casino, i did keep the customers happy enough even though i took their money.

Unfortunately, i was scheduled to go back to work at the Blarney Stone and missed out on a party with rosequeen's old high school friends. She did not know that i was due at the Blarney and was hoping that i could join them at the party later. I had offered to find another way home but she had insisted on coming to get me.

Tuesday December 19
We went driving around with M-i-L and MaryKay grandma (she was the first person to have a Mary Kay Caddillac). Mary Kay Grandma is always delightful to me, especially because we both smoke. Hers is one of the few houses that i am allowed to smoke in. The Destination of this drive was to see the Christmas lights. I am too lazy to put up the photos, and to be honest the photos don't do these things justice. Some phenomenal displays, both of christmas lights and of santas, huge trees, reindeer, and one mansion that had christmas music and three or four twelve foot high christmas presents with a teddy bear atop one, and a jack-in-a-box coming out of another. I am told that these are the households gifts to the community. Ask me, i can think of better gifts. Certain streets have community enforced rules neccessitating that these kinds of decorations are put up. I call it madness.

Thursday December 21
Spent the day with whisperer12 and he had promised good lebanese food, i passed on the kebab/gyros and went for the buffet instead. He delivered. The food was good and one of those things that i have missed. The waitress was one of those exotically pale but dark at the same time, pretty girls that come from the middle eastern families. She remembered whisperer12 (who had only been there once so must have made quite the impression) and chatted to us a while, before going about her business.

Afterwards the two of us went to find The Russian. Finding The Russian is always a task and talking with him is always a little trying, because russians make me a little nervous, and his Russian Mafia feel combined with his nerdiness make an even more uneasy combination. He offered me some high end gaming systems, dual core whatisthingys, paired flat screen monitors, paired top of the line graphics cards etc etc. He puts them in the $10,000 range but he'll get them to me for about $3-4K. I don't think i know anyone stupid enough to spend that kind of money, but then again this is Dallas, and there are a lot of kids with Daddys credit card hanging out on The Street.

Friday December 22
At short notice we rallied the troops to come out, and had a preemptive birthday dinner for rosequeen. I had suggested that she not drive and we walk down, so for a change she could drink, and enjoy herself and not have to worry about driving. It is a fourteen minute walk. However, she insisted that she would drink responsibly and drive home later. Within the first ten minutes the "drink responsibly" idea was out the window, as the rest of the group and The Professional bought her some shots (two? three?), and as bluewolfcv described "she redefines the term lightweight" which is true, but she's a delightfully happy drunk.

The owner of the new Sushi restaurant loves me, as some of you know i don't like sushi, but through constantly going to talk to him about this and that and as well as bringing him business, and making a deal to redirect business and offer his sushi at Confused, and the fact that rosequeen loves sushi, and we go there a lot, these kind of things happen.

He has insisted a number of times that when i come in there is no charge. This doesn't always work out, but he always hooks us up, with free rolls of whatever he feels like making, and over large servings of everything. I may not like sushi, but know good sushi from bad sushi, and his is excellent.

Such is his enthusiasm for me, that i asked him if he would be adverse to training me as a Sushi Chef. He was very keen on the idea - whether he actually understood me or not is a different matter, but i am resonably sure that he did. When the new year rolls around, i will be back to talk to him. The biggest problem here is that i am going to have to get over my intense dislike for eel and octopus - i need not eat them but i will need to touch them - euw!

more tomorrow...


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Jan. 6th, 2007 10:31 pm (UTC)
I never thought I'd see the day when someone called me a delightful drunk :D :D
Jan. 6th, 2007 11:46 pm (UTC)
you are
Jan. 7th, 2007 12:01 am (UTC)
I don't think I've ever seen anyone get as giggly as you do on alcohol. Not even if they were criminally insane and on nitrous oxide. ^.~
Jan. 7th, 2007 12:23 am (UTC)

Oh yeah. Ph33r teh giggles *flex*
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