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The Street : DPD 10, Drunks 0

So first news of the night is that Mr MAC-10 has been fired. He is still there, but briefs us, that he will not longer be there after the weekend. Maybe. The Greek, is a bit capricious like that apparently.

The night progreses, and there is more drama.

1) I look up and CowboyJackass from Bent is pointing, and Howdy-Doody has crossed the street and the cops are talking to some guy who asked me about drink specials. It turns out that this guy tried to kill CowboyJackasses girlfriend a few years ago and spent five years in stir for it. He walked into Bent completely unaware who was there, saw him, and saw her and beat a hasty retreat because they made him. The cops come over and chat to him and then cuff him, and then more talking and goings on and uncuff him then talk more and then cuff him again and then take him away in his own squad car.

2) a little hispanic guy is jumpered in Roy & HG fashion, and dragged out of Miilk, when he gets back up and tries to come back in they push him away, and then when he comes back again, the biggest guy in the place, who even put the normally recklessly fearless whisperer12 on the back foot (and Whisperer is not a small man), clipped this guy with an elbow, he went sprawling back and landed in a heap. By the time he got up, DPD had scurried over and cuffed him.

3) Two drunk hispaanic girls staggered out of Miilk and stopped between us and The Raven one of them decided to lie down for a while on the footpath, and the DPD looked on from over the road. After about ten minutes, and i wanted to say something to the girls, but did not want the DPD to think our bar was responsible for them, they had crossed the road, helped the sleeper up, briefly talked to them and then led them away in handcuffs.

4) BigJ 86'd three guys who were neither drinking nor dancing, after giving them fair warning, and they remained eyeballing people. As they filed out he told me not to let them back in. They made it as far as The Tough Kids bar before the white guy started pushing and shoving someone and they cops knocking him on his arse and took him away in cuffs.

5) Two hispanic guys were gesticulating and jawing off from outside The Tough Kids bar, past Miilk and past us and stopped halfway between us and The Raven, my old workmate from The'Suck, Julius, and i both flashed for the cops, and then on him and they crossed the road. He saw them coming and took everything in his pockets out and helpd them over his head. He and the two cops had a good laugh and they cuffed him and led him to the filling paddy wagon.

6,7,8, and 9) Dango and LittleJosh (his first night there) at Ocean Fart later inform me that two guys were kneeled on by the cops in the parking lot for fighting and taken off in cuffs. Some other guy walked out of Taco Cabana with a beer in hand, and flipped LilJosh off when he warned him to lose the bottle, and walked straight into the arms of the DPD who cuffed him and led him off, and yet another guy other guy decided to start pushing and shoving and found himself receiving a free limo ride to Lou Sterig.

10) and the highlight of the night, the mostly useless radios we were handed start squawking and there is some drama at Ocean Fart. Mr Mac-10, BigJ, and i start to run down, because they want to get into it, and i am idly curious and feel obliged. Mr Mac-10 wants someone to stay and secure his bar and i am most qualified so i about-face. Dango is on the phone to his girlfriend who works with us, and her horrified expression make the rest of us holding station wonder just what the fuck is going on. She is clearly shaken and unable to explain clearly, but we understand there is a gun shot and there is the suggestion of a suicide.

Mr Mac-10 returns a few minutes later as the 20 or so DPD that have converged on the place have sent everyone away. Some dumbass has managed to shoot himself in the leg with a .22 or some small calibre pistol he had down the front of his pants. There is a tiny pool of blood and everyone else is getting patted down just for yuks.

One of the cops noticed the pistol that Mr Mac-10 had tucked into the back of his pants and asks him "are you carrying?". Mr Mac-10 responds in the affimative, and that he is "a licensed bodyguard", so the cop shrugs and says "ok." and lets him go. I make a mental note to tell the authorities that i am an undercover goverment agent the first time i get into any trouble, because it seems they will just believe whatever you tell them.

So Dallas Cops 10 : Street Drunks 0.

The end.


Nov. 20th, 2006 08:21 pm (UTC)
Recklessly fearless? Come on now, I should at least rate wantonly reckless. ;)
Nov. 20th, 2006 10:40 pm (UTC)
what do you see as the difference?


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