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More tales from The Street

Last Saturday was non-descript just a busy Saturday. The highlight was when the Indian bartender who as of tonight is manager, gave me ten bucks. None of the bartenders on The Street have ever tipped me out for just doing my job, and you know what? I'll take it and say thank you.

Tonight was the start of the Halloween weekend, and was terribly quiet for a Friday. We didn't get going until after 2300 and none of the other bars did a roaring trade either. There were a few costumes out tonight. Naturally, some of the Indians started talking cricket to me, and one of them tried to recruit me for his team. We shall see how that goes. The main reason i don't play much here is that they play Sunday morning at 0900. I don't see much of that hour. Even when i am not working the Saturday night. Getting up for the odd winter comp game back home for a 1030 start was hard enough.

Joey the barback who knew me from the smoke shop, when i would come in and clean them out of Sampoerna Milds, was trashed by the end of the night. Despite his claims last week that no-one would ever notice him visibly drunk. Given that midnight rang in his 21st birthday, the team did their utmost to trash him. I would call it a success. Following the crashing of glassware he was forcibly removed from the end of the night clean-up, and the rest of us filled in for him. Despite my protestations that i was doing it as a birthday present for him, arguing with american women is never worth it so the girls tipped me out as well. At least i made some cash tonight, because i am not sure when i am going to get a cheque. Skipper had told me during the week that since i was paid with a cheque not to bother filling out a W4 form, which was not going to be possible anyway.

Just another night on The Street.


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