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I vaguely remember wanting to write that hope had suddenly come back into my life, and i'm not sure if i actually did.

Rregardless, it's clear that i need something to make me want to get out of bed at all, let alone in the morning. Right now there's nothing. Which is pretty fucking poor isn't it?

I need to take some steps obviously.

Have returned from another internet generated date, i have no idea how it went, nothing overtly positive, but i'm always erring on the side of politeness, so who knows what would've or should've happened. Maybe she does. Should probably ask.

She's quite strange in a lot of ways, and we have lives that have almost completely failed to intersect, although more from luck than anything else, as we have a fair bit in common.

More details in the unlikely event anything else happens...

Going to play with the puppy now, and probably get more puppy-teeth marks.
Tags: dames, dating, dogs
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