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the moblog (non editing rambling)


Xeni Jardin's Moblog

The moblog, blogging from a mobile phone, pictures, text, up to the minute "you are there" experience. Ellis' much desired "Futurephone". Hell, i want one too.

Worse than having a camcorder everywhere which relies on TV for broadcast - this can kill reality-television, when everyone can broadcast this sort of stuff.

So what's the next step for the networks.

Technology / poverty divide.

Are these things just toys? Can we make the governments of the world more accountable?

Unbiased "embedded journalists" - just you and me.

Sure it'll bring out the ghoul squad - "look at all the dead bodies at terrorist bomb blast 'x'".

Think of all the good it can do, all the damage that individuals can do.

But again it's up to you and me as individuals to do this, and go seek this information. The networks and media have all the infrastructure there already, they're in our house in the corner selling us stuff constantly. Turn them off, and talk to other people - your friends near and far.

How long until some government tries to interfere with what we can send to each other in the interests of National Security?

Keep thinking....
Tags: complications, journalism, thoughts
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