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i am too tired to write anything meaningful.

i want to write to all of you individually. but i am too tired.

"new york" got the shit kicked out of him today, and despite knowing there would be fall out from joshberg, i went around him to adam to get "ny" cleaned up. Nick eventually gave him the money for a hotel room and then qu_ball drove him to the hospital in the end, because jeff (ny) was fucking concussed. good lord they gave him a belt.

so joshberg gave me a dressing down, and i quite politely told him that i thought he was an asshole. and that his opinion was merely an inconvenience that shall not stop His Magnificentness in his quest. He really doesn't like me.

I took a half case of coopers to the bar tonight for the boys and it was well-recieved. Jen niggling adam, about getting aussie beers because they (she) want(s) to keep me here, because i talk funny.



i am really sorry i haven't written.

edit: and merry christmas, y'all.

this is the worst christmas ever
Shush, Timmy!
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