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Tuesday night i got trashed at the Clubhouse Christmas party, because it was free alcohol. The Chlubhouse is a jiggle joint. I mean what choice was there? I was surrounded by gorgeous naked women and there was free alcohol, of course i got trashed. So trashed that my ribs hurt.

I got up early (for me) the next day to go the Wyndham-Anatole for a big convention for insurance people fom all over the country to skin them at deal blackjack. Of the people i skinned dealt to was this guy whose name i remembered and had to look up on the web, because i knew he'd be up there. He won the "Chairman's award for Quality sales" at the convention and seemed like a nice enough guy.

It was a bloody impressive convention and they muct have had nearly seventy tables there, at least six of craps, a dozen roulettes and easily fourty blackjack tables plus slots. They had an Elvis impersonator who was a little too dark and looked more like some Latino Lothario than The King. They had a fairly unimpressive Marylin Monroe, but they did have a fucking brilliant Austin Powers, wandering about mingling and singing a couple of tunes over the P.A.

I looked around at the tables, especially those near me, and the dealers were awful. I am way the fuck out of practice, but some of them were fucking dreadful, even compared to some of dealers that made me embarrassed for them at th casinos in Shreveport, Louisiana. Perhaps i am arrogant about it, but i have always had a lot of pride int he way i dealt. I was never the fastest, so wouldn be taring through an eight deck shoe in 12-15 minutes, but i was always under 20 minutes and never let my placement, chipwork, chip management or customer service levels, suffer for speed.

I picked up the pride in the job from my trainers, and my trainers in all things have always had a significant influence on me. I always had a great deal of respect for them, and over time i earned their respect too. I was hardly a prodigy, but i did my job well and as i was trained.

On a smoke break i got to talking to some people as we huddled in the lee of a building out of the chill wind. One of them turned out to be a retired pit boss, who now ran his own training school in the DFW area and one in Gainsville/borough?. I asked him how much classes were, as it would be useful to have roulette before England. $500 for blackjack and $700 for roulette (ouch!), "and all of my dealers are audition ready when they leave."

When i returned to my table, he wandered past and stopped for a couple of minutes, presumably to see if i was actually any good. I saw him, he saw that i had seen him, and he drifted further away and i did not see where he went to.

About an hour later, he leaned over my shoulder to take a chip count of sorts, and commented that i was the only one working my tray properly, "Most of these fuckers, haven't got a clue. It's good to see someone who knows what they are are doing." It is good to be occasionally recognised for doing a good job. I am even more impressed that in two sittings i now have the slight changes for American Blackjack down-pat.

I saw him later and told him flat out that i would love to pick up roulette, but i would never have $700. Would i be able to work for him in exchange or something like that (i have never actually dealt roulette, but i have chipped for lumpies and checked and corrected their payouts, but i have never spun a ball not could i push more than eight stacks way back then.) He hesistated and asked what could i do, and his eyes lit up when i mentioned that i can build webpages, because he "needed" his website done.

The other interesting news is that the casinos have had an interest in Texas for a number of years now and soon they might be able to have their way with Texas, as early as April next year. Which would be very interesting because that is when these Australian-Only work visas come into force. So if i can make a decent ally here (as i imagine that he will link up with one of them somewhere along the way), i might be able to get a spot in a start-up casino and maybe even a Jacket.

There are some who have had the audacity to suggest that i am "always scheming", which is clearly not true. I merely keep my options, and my eyes and ears open. How else did i end up here.

Another long weekend of work coming up. I haven't had two cents to rub together for two days now, fortunately i had food to cook in the fridge, and i can always wrangle a couple of drinks at work.

bezique sent me a lovely box of green. I am so pleased. There was also three packets of double coated tim-tams which are fabuous, as well as the biggest fucking bottle of Bundy i have ever seen. Tim the useless, who failed to get in contact with anyone for me when he was back home had a bottle in the Public House the other day and i got qu_ball and loyal_incarnate to try it for the first time, and Tall Chris was reminded of the two years he spent there, in TOOWOOMBA. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

Nobody liked the Bundy, including me :)

I love youse all.
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