Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

Fucking yanks

first, the Ugg boot debacle and now Americans are trying to Copyright Basmati rice. For fucks sake, when will this copyright, patent, "it's mine" bullshit end?

Indian scientists are mapping the DNA of one of the country's basic food products: basmati rice. Concerned that Western corporations may try to take out patents on the food, their aim is not to produce genetically modified rice but to protect one of India's most treasured natural products from a foreign takeover.


Already the country has fought off an attempt by an American company to copyright the name basmati for its own product, a crossing of American rice and Indian basmati. True basmati rice, by contrast, is a natural product still grown by highly traditional methods. [More...]

On what grounds can you patent, trademark or copyright something that is naturally grown? When will it stop?

Call off your dogs!
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