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Oh! The Shenannigans...

With the day starting out on a gray note, or so it looked sometime whenever i was woken by a phone call from the airline.

"Hi, this is someone you will never meet and really don't care about, from some company you have never heard of quoting a booking number you have no chance of remembering, about your flight two months from now. We regret to inform you that your flight has been moved from 9:55 am, to 11:15 am."

"Great." I blearily stared at the phone. "That's great."

"Thank you sir. Goodbye."

"Great. Great."

Why would i possibly care? I resume sleep.

I wake up sometime later feeling a lot better about everything, to another phone call about some work. The work that as supposed to be organised over a week ago for this Texas / OU football weekend which apparently turns Dallas into a madhouse. I had already advised the Nut i was unavailable last week and they had found people to cover it. I hadn't heard from Bird about drink-nazi-ing over there and had been trying to catch him for 48 hours until i gave up in disgust. Babay had felt sorry for me, and told me check in with them on Saturday as she'd find a place for me if i had nothing else, which was really very sweet of her.

It turns out that new boss hasn't forgotten and the message i left had made enough sense and he had stuff for me, and then it turned out stuff for my friends too. So i woke up and did the ring around that we'd all been waiting for and got ourselves organised.

Then i talk to the girls for a few minutes and they tell me about my jailed compadre. Within seconds i get a call from jail and recorded the earlier post. Then there's another brief flurry of phone calls to check his bail is being posted.

Then the squad assembles to leave. I sit in the back room in the crowded bar all night while the other three freeze upstairs at the rooftop bar. Nineteen non-staff come to the back room and i watch about eight games of pool over six hours. I do virtually nothing but point to the bathrooms they have just walked past, and tell people where the stairs are. It is very boring. However i get six hours work and get paid cash, and don't have to listen to the usual bitching. The Boys have had a good night.

Freshly released from prison and unable to take a trick like Hudson Hawk, Public Enemy #1 heads to drink-nazi for Bird. However, unlike The Boys who are part of about twenty scattered between three vaguely busy bars, he ends up one of seven watching over fifteen hundred people, and has to break down and port three outdoor bars, as well as the usual sweeping and taking trash to the dumpster. He is rewarded an extra(!) five bucks on top of the four hours worked, and the fifteen hundred paid thirty bucks ahead.

So we could hardly not take him for breakfast and listen to his tale of woe.
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