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the weekend

i went to shreveport. we did well at the show. encouraged by tommy (the bastard) i died at the tables, but drank enough to cover it (i guess). Wore my tux and robert's hat - which looks like 5tephe but without the red feather, and was the subject of 45 minutes of speculation while i lost Chuck in the casino and he had four black girls, two croups and a supervisor keeping an eye out for me. The descripton of a half-chinese australian in a tux and a black hat was a subject of much discussion, and earned me some very strange looks when i finally found them.

Good deeds at the show earnt me some good deeds in return, so it's not just altruistic.

Tonight was DJ Nates birthday at Jacks. I took the tux out for a final spin before visiting the dry cleaners. Two out of ten people actually recognised me on first glance, which i thought was a bit sad.

A ten dollar drink tab seems to have done me well, but i think Buddha is to blame for making strong drinks - i can barely see.

Backed up a friend of Mariah's as she picked a fight with a rude black SMU kid (SMU is the posh university where the rich kids go). His friend asked me if i thought i was tough because of the earring and the hat. I told him that the hat was a step backwards if anything, but if he was going to trashtalk the lady when it wasn't his fight, that i was going to see an end to it all. Then Cesar turned up and tried to a) pick a fight and b) get them both thrown out, and i *did* try to save them, but Mr Trashtalk claimed he was leaving anyway, and was escorted out by Mr Nico. Mr Rude Bastard came and apologise to us, and if nothing else i hope it means he will be more circumspect on being rude to a lady (or at least just drinking his beer and shutting the fuck up, which is something that Yanks DO NOT understand, "Don't mess with Texas and all"...)

Met an Aussie tennis player who got a scholarship to SMU of some sort, and a nice girl called Christine who bought me a drink because i was Australian, and Australians are all cool.


Will attempt to catch up on sleep that was not fortcoming over the weekend.
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