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yesterday reneat and tabla_malachi took us to the Dallas World Aquarium. I took a lot of photos but couldn't find the Discus display nor the Cichlids of Lake Malawi which was a bit of a shame.

There was also a rainforest section with little monkeys, birds and appropriate reptiles and anphibians. I was quite surprised to find axolotls as an exhibit. Apparently they are not that common, or something. Not what i would have expected to find in a display aquarium.

I am very tired as a result of being too stupid to sleep - which is becoming a regular thing. I stayed up Saturday night reading a book Arizona Nick lent me "The Mile High Club" by Kinky Friedman. Very entertaining and i tore through it in under six hours. Recommended to 5tephe and anyone with a sense of humor that likes Detective fiction. (that is if it is fiction, after all Mr Friedman is the main character and his oddball friends do remind me of some people even i know.)

Worked in the blazing sun today, am feeling sick from it, more tomorrow, but now i have to go clean up before heading off to my Monday night job.
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