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oh my god. the horror the horror

and you can blame Kyle "too cool for livejournal" for this one.

in other unrelated news i have found that for the longest time i have never bought any albums by many of the australian classics
Midnight Oil
ACDC (i have one)
Cold Chisel
and INXS (who i don't even really like that much)
i have discovered that i miss these artists, and never had to back home because they are always on the radio or the juke box. As a consequence i have taken action.

Peter Garrett the frontman of Midnight Oil is my local Member of Pariament for the Australian Labor Party. I wonder how that is working out for the former spokesman of the Nuclear Disarmament Party.

Why is the ALP "Labor" spelt in the american english fashion instead of as "labour" like British English?

and when did Kim Beazley become leader again? Did i miss something?
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