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Bush:man contributes to global warming
Bush : Kyoto would hurt US economy

The White House argued Bush's voluntary plan would lower US emissions from an estimated 183 metric tons per million dollars of gross domestic product in 2002 to 151 metric tons per million dollars of GDP in 2012.

But Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) spokeswoman Anna Reynolds said this would lead to an actual increase in emissions given projected GDP growth.

"Emissions under Bush's plan will actually increase by 14 percent during the time period because of expected growth of GDP," Reynolds said in a statement."

Shit, you don't need to be a genius to figure this out. If the economy improves, which is the goal, there are more emissions. Does he think we are stupid?
Unsurprisingly, Australian PM John Howard supported Bush, with another classic non-committal, spouting of garbage. Seriously, what does he mean?


In briefing papers given before meetings to the US under-secretary of state, Paula Dobriansky, between 2001 and 2004, the administration is found thanking Exxon executives for the company's "active involvement" in helping to determine climate change policy, and also seeking its advice on what climate change policies the company might find acceptable.

Until now Exxon has publicly maintained that it had no involvement in the US government's rejection of Kyoto. But the documents, obtained by Greenpeace under US freedom of information legislation, suggest this is not the case.

The papers further state that the White House considered Exxon "among the companies most actively and prominently opposed to binding approaches [like Kyoto] to cut greenhouse gas emissions".

But in evidence to the UK House of Lords science and technology committee in 2003, Exxon's head of public affairs, Nick Thomas, said: "I think we can say categorically we have not campaigned with the United States government or any other government to take any sort of position over Kyoto."

This would be funny if it wasn't real life.

Wake up! They are still lying to you!
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