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news in australia

The city has decided to redevelop "The Block" and the Redfern/Waterloo area. They are talking about re-zoning and knocking down the existing goverment housing to make it better, for the locals, who are mostly the poor, and the area is the heartland of the Aboriginal community. The aboriginal community is understandably furious, and the politicians are all throwing their hands up saying that they have nothing to do with it.

So the question is why. The area is close to the city and with housing prices skyrocketing in this town, it's ideal for developers to move in and make billions. Of course, this means getting rid of the undesirables i.e. "the boongs" (colloquial and derogatory term for Aboriginals). When my city starts looking like Spider's city in Transmetropolitan, i hold my head in shame.

102 whales and dolphins have beached themselves and died on King Island off the coast of tasmania. I wish we could figure what this beaching thing is about. A hundred bloody animals which are supposed to be as potentially bright as humans getting themselves killed. Still i guess we could be looking at the marine equivalent of the Heaven's Gate cult...

and a rare sixteen year old tamarin monkey has been stolen overnight from a private zoo.

it's going to be 42 tomorrow, it's not even summer yet. beer and a wading pool seems like the go. argh. it's all going to hell. i need to get my shit together. i will not fuck this up.
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