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readhey y for invasion

in about five hours at 1515 AEST Australia will once again be primed for invasion.

Today is Melbourne Cup day, the Melbourne Cup is the horse race that stops the nation. They mean it. Pretty much every radio station will cover the three minute race, and then everyone tries to spend the next couple of hours getting pissed, and not doing any work. The smart ones have already spent the afternoon in the pub.

An alien task force could land, inform us that they are taking over, and we'd be telling them "Yeah, yeah. Sure, mate. Just wait until after the race."

I have no idea who is running, nor who the good tip is, however i have heard that there is a chance that the winner from last year might double it. So there's my tip. Because every Australian should have one, whether it's because they have been studying the form guide, or they have a mate in the pub who knows someone who knows something, or because their favourite celebrity said something...

Really, i have no idea.
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